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[industrial product of protein engineering]Original title: The Peoples Congress is committed-★▷! The new spokesperson also responded to these ••★■”☆…” issues this morning, the 13th National Peoples Congress, the press conference held in the Great Hall of the People. The spokesperson of the General Assembly Zhang Ye appeared alr industries humapro what is the protein! In the face of the reporter, Zhang Yucuo saw the move◇▽▷▲, one or one▼★■◇. Peoples Daily client quickly combed○☆■. 1. Ten agenda meeting will open on March 5th, on March 20th, the meeting is 15 days•▽◇=. Top ten agenda of this conference△=◆: Consideration of Government Work Report Review Report Review Budget Report Consideration Constitution Amendment Review Supervision Law Draft Consideration of the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee Consideration Supreme Peoples Court Work Report Consideration Supreme Peoples Procuratorate Work Report Consideration State Council Reform Progr.

Original title: American soybean agricultural advertising persuade Trump “Dont fight”, this little brother is crying About Us collagen powder for skin whitening, bovine gelatin manufacturer! “I support Trump Government, but I am very worried (they) currently in trade and tariffs▽■. In fact, China is our largest soybean customer, which makes us very fragile. My farm=★=•, and many other and me The same peoples farm will become the first victim in this trade war. “In the early morning of April 2nd, the State Council officially announced the decision of the original 78 imported goods in the United States, and on the same day It began to take effect, and according to Reuters reported the same day, the US government will also announce the specific list of the investigation of China s commodity in large-scale duties in this week. Just as the scent of the scent of the China-US trade war is getting more and more confident, the American soybean farme.

Original title: Associate Dean of the Chinese Academy of Sciences▼○◇: This year=▷, the first Mars probe mission will be successfully transferred to the normal stage meeting site China Government Network Map March 26▼•□○, the Chinese Academy of Sciences held the Moon and Deep Detective 2018 Work of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing. The members of the tourism leadership team, the deputy director of the engineering-▲●, and the deputy dean of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Director Liu Jizhong, director of the National Defense Science and Technology Bureau, Director Liu Jizhong▼●▲▪, deputy director◁○…, etc. The major scientific and technological mission bureau of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Moon and Deep Detective Department and the relevant person in charge of the hospital, various types of task ground application systems, payload system, VLBI team division system deputy director, more than 100 people Participated in the meeting. The meeting was hosted by the Deputy Director of the Major Mission (presided over). At the meeting, Yu Yingj.

Original title☆=: Allah, American youth: This is not the Chinese in our textbook is bovine collagen peptides vegan! American textbooks, cant keep up with Chinas change / Zhang Yi De, HCHS•◆•, is the rigorous and famous public high school in Illinois, representing a high level of American secondary education. In high school, teaching materials involving Chinese history and culture are mainly seen in the “World History” (fast class), △△▼”world culture•△” (ordinary class)◇▽◁▽, ★☆”East Asia Research•★★” and other courses. In the “World History” (fast class) I have been taoned●★☆, the textbooks and reading materials about Chinese history are very detailed▲=△. According to my fathers father▷…, I have read the father of Middle School and universities, and the depth of the content is even less than China. Textbook. ▲ Some American high school teache■■▽.

Yesterday, Xiangpeng Airlines issued by the flight attendant, mourning the employees, appealing to the public to provide clues to help the police to solve the case. Xiangpeng Airlines Weibo Shutdown Xinyang News (Reporter Zhang Wei Xu Tianhe) Last night, Zhengzhou police informed “flight attendants by the windmill of hauntering incident” said that the 21-year-old Li Mou bead is a network. Damage in the car, the net approximachi driver Liu Mouhua (male▽□, 27 years old, Zhengzhou Airport) has a major crime suspicion. After tonifying the incident☆▼, it has been tracked, and the launch of the suspect is displayed▽□•◁, and the police is now full of searching for the relevant regions☆▷. Li Moupe is the employees of Xiangpeng Airlines△☆■. On the evening of May 5, she took a windmill from the stationary hotel to Zhengzhou City. Drip release is reported▪▲, to disclose to the whole socie.