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[marine collagen supplier]Original title: Guangzhou traffic police last years penalty of 998 million Li Dong▲△•=, Zhang Danyang Guangzhou Daily News (full media reporter Li Dong=•☆, Zhang Dan) Recently, Guangzhou Public Security Bureau 2017 administrative law enforcement data. The Municipal Public Security Bureau has shown that administrative penalties in 2017 showed that the total administrative penalty of 57•△,3,6205▼=, and the penalty was 99,960●•.99.5 million. Among them, the total number of administrative penalties in the department is 362◆-, the penalty is 19●○▽.335 million; the total number of administrative punishments of fire brings is 12, and the penalty is 13.3 million yuan☆★. The largest administrative penalty is the traffic police detachment. In 2017, the total number of administrative penalties in traffic police detachment was 573,5831, of which 5404,706 were fined◁△…, accounting for nearly 94.2%△△•. Other administrative punishments include warnings, suspend.

Original title★△●-: After the results changed the world, ☆•□”Dr. Tu” is still cant catch a …•□”sea return”? Abstract◁◇△★: ◇★”There are currently special importance to high-end talents, and the state will give a variety of allowances, give a house▲▽●□, to solve life problems. But a Tu Ba Roads graduation will stay, there may be no.” A ★◆”earth road” Dr., made a result of the results of the world, and the special treatment was “Broken Protector”; and a doctor introduced as a “sea◇◁■▼”, maybe nothing, it is already a “researcher•★▽☆”. At the two sessions, Wang Jianyu, a representative of the National Peoples Congress and the School of China, gave a comparison of this comparison. “Sea” and …●”Different Treatment■…◇” of “Tolerit-=○”, let this design and direct the worlds first quantum scien▲◁.

Original title: The sale and purchase of the congregation representatives recommended to increase the “Dear” movie that combats the childs behavior, let countless movie. This movie allows more Chinese to pay attention to the trafficking story of the trafficking of children, lost their children, and the tragic story of the parents who have been abducted for many years. At the national two sessions this year, the National Peoples Congress representatives, Zhu Zhi▲▷, the chairman of Zall Holdings▪•, pointed out that punishment and preventing such criminal acts requires national integrated governance to the criminal activities of trafficking in trafficking. Buying and selling children should be the same as the flowers of the motherland, but also the hope and happiness of each family…□■. However■=, a problem that cannot be ignored is that the current illegal criminal activities of children in my country still exists. In 2009, the Ministry of Public Security established the worlds fir!

Original title: Ministry of Education: The result of the winning result of primary and secondary school competitions shall not be used as an enrollment. According to Xinyang News (Reporter Wang Jun) Today (March 21) The Ministry of Education issued the “Announcement” pointed out that the competition for the field of basic education is named◇★…. The results of the activities such as commendation can only be considered honors☆●◇, and they may be based on the enrollment of primary and secondary schools. Education administrative departments at all levels and schools must not recognize the results or results of such activities carried out●◁. In addition◁▪▼, activities such as all kinds of competition, listing●▽●, naming, and commendation without the approval of the Ministry of Education★▼☆, are not allowed to stroke “nationwide▼◆■▽”. This full name is “Announcement on Regulating the Organization of Commissioning of Competition for Facing Basic Education” (referred to as ○•□”announcement”) proposed that approves activities for all kinds of competitions, listing, naming and commendation for basic education•■◇, should A bloom supplements collagen best collagen peptides powder for hair marine vs bovine…■☆△ protein industry statistics!

Wu Weihua resume Wu Weihua, male, Han nationality, born in September 1956, Shanxi Xiaoyi, Nine Three Society■▼□, Participation in December 1974, graduated from plant science in Plant Science Department, New Jersey◁•, USA, Graduate degree, Ph.D., Professor-▪…◆, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. At the 13th National Peoples Congress, the Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National Peoples Congress, the chairman of the Central Committee of the Jiu San Society. From 1974 to 1978, Xia Yi City▼▽, Shanxi Province, Honggu City, Junior High School Teacher, Department of Physiology, Shanxi University, Department of Physiology, Shanxi University, Department of Physiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Department of Physiology, Chinese Academy of Physiology△▽△, Chinese Academy of Physiology Biology Lecturer (herein■◁▼: 1987-1989 New Jers.Gelatin capsule gelatin test procedure!