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[size 0 gelatin capsules]Original title□◆★●: Hong Kong media said that China and Japan jointly developed the worlds fastest suspension train◆▽: 500 km from March 7, 2018, the train travels near Chess Bay Station, Huanji, Huanji■☆•=, Hainan. Xinhua News Agency reporter Yang Guanyu photographed news network April 27 report port media said that China promotes high-speed rail travel to the world seems to be warmed△○◁○, and China is jointly developing a rapid speed up to 500 kilometers with Japan. It may become the fastest train in the world. According to the Hong Kong “Nanhua Morning Post” website, “Chongqing Morning News” invokes the Professor Lai Yuguang, who participated in the development of Chongqing University of Technology◆▲☆, said that the first generation of high-speed pneumatic suspension trains, second generation style trial and real-heart trials have been in Japan. carry out. According to reports, the highest speed of such a train may reach▷•■-.

Original title: 14 middle school replenishment changes Source: Changan Street IPA This morning▪◆, Liu Ning, deputy secretary of Qinghai Provincial Party Committee□■●▼, Liu Ning=▽◁, the governor of Qinghai; Yesterday, the deputy secretary of the Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee is easy to refine Red Ren Jiangxi Province. At this point▷▽=○, the national 31 province government “one hand” all comes…=▲. Changan Street, Id: WeChat ID: Capitalnews, pays attention to Liu Ning☆=, and Yi Huihong is the 19th Central Alternate Committee. Moreover◇◁◆△, after more than 1 month, 14 central candidates have changed their duty, and there are stone Juanlu, and Yang Guangyue will be promoted. Liu Ning was in January 1962☆•◆, Jilin Linjiang, in 1978▼△, I was only 16 years old when I was admitted to Tsinghua University in 1978. After graduating from Tsinghua Water Conservancy Building★◁, he worked in the water conservancy system for many years▷…, he served as chief engineer, deputy ministe•○.

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing□△▷, July 9 (Reporter Luosha, Gao Jing) National Peoples Congress Standing Committee Law Enforcement Inspection Team on the implementation of the implementation of atmospheric pollution prevention and control law▽▲, submitted to the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee meeting, report, ecological environment and other departments It is necessary to develop and publish toxic and harmful atmospheric pollutants before the end of 2018. Report recommendations, speed up the formulation of supporting regulations and standards-◇◇. The sewage permit management regulations were introduced before the end of 2019, and the whole process management and multi-pollutant coordination control of fixed pollution sources were implemented, and the sewage permit was issued according to the industry, region, and time limit. In 2020▷☆, the construction of the sewage permit system became the core system of fixed source environment management, and implemented “a certificate●=” management. Market supervision and other departments should accelerate the establishment of motor vehicles and non-road mobile mechanical environmental protection recall systems▪▪. B.