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[size 00 capsule volume]# 2018 Look at the two sessions # [Wang Guoqiang: Chinese medicine also has a lot of good products to go to the International] Wang Guoqiang, director of the National Traditional Chinese Medicine, said☆-•: Chinese medicine has been applied in 183 countries and regions around the world. The 86 national governments and China signed an agreement on traditional Chinese medicine. China has established 17 central Chinese medicine in foreign countries••…●, and has established a group of international Chinese medicine standards and established a group of Chinese medicine to go out of cooperation base☆▽. These fully demonstrate the attraction of all the strategies proposed by General Secretary Xi Jinping to various countries◇◇●△. Click to enter the special responsibility Editor☆▪▪▲: Zhang ●▲◁.

Original title: Pension is slashing helpless sale also debts return will batch Cai Yingwen suffering from the people (anti- “year change=•●•” the masses “Cai Yingwen Next” map source▲□▽: Mid-time Newsletter) Overseas Network August 23 The English authorities passed the “three laws of the annual reform◆◆” in July, and the “Military Education” pension will cause great rebound. Time media has been exposed◁▼, and there is an army who is forced to sell in economic pressures in economic pressures•▼□. It is all of Cai Yingwens words. ◇▷▽” The front of the Taiwan Cultural Department Long Yingtai also painfully approved the “People who trampled hard•◇▽▼”, getting only a unsatisfactory society. ” According to Taiwans “Mid Electronics News”◁△☆, Wu Hanyuan, a retiring in Taiwan▪△▽, pointed out that the original life expenditure and economic arrangement is planned in accordance with the expected monthly pension. Todays new raisi!

Original title□○•■: The “indwelling” of the monitoring committee is open to the law. On June 10th, the official WeChat “Sanxiang Breakform” in the Hunan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection said that Zhu Ayun, the original party committee member of the Shaoyang City Public Security Bureau, the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, was opened to the party or public office. What caught netizens▪●◁□, on March 4 this year◁▼◁, when the Xiangtan City police in the law enforcement of the Hunan Provincial Supervision Committee rushed to Shaodong County, when the boss of Shaodong County□■•=, Liu Zuo, who was involved in the corruption case, happened to Zhu Jiayun in the scene, actually called on the scene to resist the arrest I wanted to rob the controlled Liu Zuo◇◁☆◁, and after the superior emergency, the police force will be successfully take.

After the original title China banned the ocean garbage: South Koreas garbage from the mountains-◁, some people played Overseas Network on April 2, last July, the Chinese government announced that in order to solve domestic pollution problems, it is not prohibited from foreign imports from foreign countries▽△▼○. “Ocean Gar☆•▪”☆■, including life sources waste plastics, vanadium residers★☆▲, unscated waste paper and waste textile raw materials, etc. Highly polluted solid waste◇▪…. On the morning of the 2nd, in the Guangzhou Garbage Nods in Korea△○□☆, the unprocessed recycling garbage is piled up to the mountain ban◆▼★=, and many countries call “eat”. The narrow Korea in the ground, the ◆●=”garbage riot” thus triggered is relatively serious. In the garbage dump in Gigheng, the unprocessed garbage is piled into the mountain•-▼◆; in the Jinpu City, Gyeonggi Province, there are residents who have stopped the plastic garbage▷=•, and the on-site security guards … species, forced the Korean government to take measur 120 bloom gelatin bovine gelatin kosher△• how to prepare gelatin coated plates collagen supplement!About Us,