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[industrial protein extraction][China Print 1 + 1 is not only equal to 2▽★☆, more equal to 11] Foreign minister Wang Yi: China-Indian relations have maintained the development momentum and has also experienced difficulties and tests. In this process, China is firmly safeguarding its legitimate rights, and actively praises the overall situation of China-Indian relations. For the development prospects of China-Indian relations, the leaders of the two countries have reached an important strategic consensus, that is★■•, the Chinese print is dragon, not the dragon elephant; 1 + 1◁▼, 1 + 1 is not only equal to 2, more equal to 11. Click to enter the special responsibility Editor•□★▷: Liu Longlo!

# 2018 Look at the two sessions # [Yang Liwei “-□▽: Manned Space Available Space Station Construction Task] Yang Liwei▷▽, at the meeting•▷,” China Aerospace▼◁=, what are the new initiatives “–◁=: Chinas manned spaceflight enters the construction stage of the space station■◇○•, will select the third batch of space Members▽◆◆-, aerospace engineers and scientists, this selection will be selection▪◁△, selection, male and female astronauts. Click to enter the special responsibility Editor: Zhang ▽☆○.

China News Network, May 26 (Sun Rui) On May 26th★•, the signing ceremony of Qaida Temple in Qinghai University National University Science Park and the unveiling ceremony was held in Qinghai Qaidam Vocational and Technical College, marking the National University of Qinghai University. The Garden is formally established. According to reports, the Qaidam Branch of Qinghai University National University Science Park is located in Qinghai Qaidam Vocational and Technical College▲▲, with the use of college innovation building space★▷•■, establishment of operational management companies□◁▽◁, carrying out the transfer of scientific and technological achievements and innovative entrepreneurship○■★, annual plan registration There are about 100 landing companies▪◆◁▪. At the same time, relying on the advantages of science and technology park, promote the cooperation of school enterprises, and carry out college students with integration and education…◆◇▼, helping college students with entrepreneurial dream?

Original title: Clearing and price reduction is reduced by 300 billion (at the State Council Policy Blow “)▷-●◇” Peoples Daily ▲◇”(April 10, 2018) This newspaper Beijing April 9 (Reporter Li Lihui) April 9 On the day, the National New Office held a policies of the State Council, deputy director of the Ministry of Finance, deputy director of the Ministry of Human and Social Security, and the Director of the Ministry of Housing and Construction▼=▪, Zhang Xingwei, the Director of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Affairs◁◁▽○, introduced the cleaning and regulation of government charges, and the Ministry of Ministry Vice Minister Tang Tao introduced the situation of entrepreneurial innovation work in studying abroad-▲▪◆. The unreasonable resolute cancellation of non-tax burden is degraded. “On the basis of more than 60 billion yuan in 2017, this year▽•△▼, the State Council executive meeting has identified four types of government charges◁△=. It is expected to alleviate the enterprise throughout the year. Bundry 250□◇…◇.6 billion yua□-△◆.

Original title: Zhangjiajie rapidly disposes a traveler event•△•◇, severely cracking down on illegal acts on August 10, Zhangjiajie City rapidly disputes a group event caused by tourists and tour guide disputes. In the early morning of the 10th, the local public security department decisively disposed, and 20 suspects were arrested on the spot○▼, and quickly controlled and calm the situation. Zhangjiajie Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government emerged, and severely crack down on illegal acts to ensure the safety of tourism. It is reported that August 7th Shenzhen tourist Cui Mou family, order Zhangjiajie▽☆-▷, one-day tour of Zhangjiajie on August 9 through That night, Cui made a dissection of the Weiwu International Travel Service Guide Huang, the charge and other dissatisfaction, and Lius dispute was disputed by the information, and insulted•□=. Liu brings a dialogue through the Internet and WeChat, triggeting some tourism practitioners public anger◆△◆, ? red gelatin capsules bovine hide collagen peptidesGelatin capsule.

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