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Gelatin capsule food grade gelatin bulk gelatin powder 220 bloom,[amandean beef gelatin]Zhongxin Net Zhaohot May 28 (Reporter Zhang Linhu) On the 28th◆…, the reporter learned from the Ecological Environment of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, as of the end of 2020•◁, Inner Mongolia established 182 natural protected areas at all levels, total area of ​​126•☆.74 million hectares●▪…, accounting for 10□○=.71% of the country of the whole region=◇●. Inner Mongolia is one of the key areas of my countrys biodiversity, in the countrys 32 landlocked land and water biodiversity protection priorities, involving Inner Mongolia▽●◆, Daxinganling☆=, Hulunbeier•○▼, Songneng Plain, Xilin Gol Grassland▼▲•□, Si Erdos – Helan Mountain – Yin Mountain and other 5 priority areas•◁▷. Inner Mongolia has 2,619 wild vascular plants=○, Lu Zunji.

Original title: Seven question problems vaccine is not flat, one wave of work. After the fake falsification of rabies vaccine production, Changchun Changsheng creatures were trapped in ▼…”潭”△□. On July 20th•▷…▽, the Changsheng Biological Announcement said that the wholly-owned subsidiary did not meet the requirements of the ★☆★”Bai Bai Broken” Vaccine “Test” items, and was required to punish 3▼▷•.44 million yuan■◆. The market reflects obvious, after the incident, the long life creature continuously 5 decreased off plates, and the market value evaporates about 10 billion yuan…☆. The event is confusing■●…☆, the China New Agency is a seven issues that are most concerned about throughout the train. Q1▷•▽-. What is the impact of rabies vaccine production records? On July 15th, the State Food and Drug Administration announced that Changchun Changsheng Biological Freezing Man used rabies vaccine to produce record fake and other violations of the □◆-“quality management of drug production▷◁”, and sa=▼▲▽.

Yesterday•▪▼…, the 13th National Peoples Congress held a press conference on “Financial Reform and Development△▽▲”. 70-year-old Zhou Xiaochuan attended the two conferences of the two conferences in the 12th Peoples Bank of China, with him, as well as the vice president of the Peoples Bank, Director of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange Pan Gun. As the largest central bank leader in the Chinese term, Zhou Xiaochuan has been awarded the “European Currency▲☆◇” in 2011•▪, has been awarded the Best Central Bank of 2011. Former European Central Bank President Tri assested him: “I agree with Zhou Xiaochuans wisdom•□. He looks very comprehensive, there is a place where the strategy is at the point,=▪■” Indeed, this time the conference□-…▽, no matter Reuters reporters “Whether the financial to leverage affects the economy”, or the ▲◁▪…”Chinas debt level is not declin.