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[what is blooming gelatin]Original title: Where is the ancient country in the upper reaches? Guizhou investment 33 billion yuan in the Coke Township Renaissance Park-▲, Wang and Han people said: “Han Dao and me△•?” And Ninglang Hou also…●•. With a good-◇▷, there is no one to think that the Lord is a man◆▽△○. Coke Township Ancient Tomb and Site Mining Scene. This article, the top news, this sentence▽•▼▪, this sentence is more than 2100 years ago, the Western Han Shi Mun Samas Tong History is “Historical Records • Southwestern Yi Biography”, later considered to be one of the most recognition of the Chinese circle “Night Lang self-big◇△★”••●•. Original source. A “Yelangs self-big” is left to the future people countless conjecture, where the ancient country is still the topic of the historical controversy. After the •☆○”Historical Records” in Sima Qian△△■, I took the weight of the ancient times Lang Guozhen in the Hezheng Township Coke Yiyi Miao Township, Bijie City★•=, Northwest Guizho?

Xinhua News Agency□=□, May 27 (Reporter Gamanian) Data of the Agricultural Rural Rural Hall of Tibet Autonomous Region, in 2021-▽◁, Tibet will add and transform more than 200▲◁△,000 mu of basic farmland▽▲▪, implementing 20,000 mu of cultural quality▲△•, construction, construction 750,000 mu of high standard farmland. By 2025, Tibet will build 3 million acres of high standard farmland, and the coverage of green-ranking has reached 95%. Affected by the climate, the proportion of low-yield fields in Tibet…○, plus traditional farming is relatively placed◁▷, and for a long time, the food production is at a low level, and the main product you cant even meet the needs of the local people. In recent years…○◆◁, in order to improve food production, Tibet actively implemented cultivated land transformation, through the high standa★▷.

Original title: 2018 National Second Session, Minister of Science and Technology: Last year=★…◇, Chinas new energy vehicle has exceeded 1.6 million vehicles□•=◁, accounting for 50% of the world, Beijing News (Reporter Wang Jun) today (March 10) in the 13th National Peoples Congress At the press conference, Wan Steel…=, Minister of Science and Technology■◁, said that last year Chinas electric vehicle, the new energy vehicle has exceeded 1.6 million vehicles▲■…, accounting for 50% of the world. Wan Steel said that China has implemented major science and technology projects since 2001★△, and the development of electric vehicles=▼, especially key core technologies, batteries▲•□•, electric machines★△, and electronics, and conducts research on the basis to technical research▼•. In 2010, we have started promotion, launching a series of infrastructure construction•○○◇, such as the research and development of key technologies, and support in combination of production, especial◇●◆.