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[nitta gelatin usa]Each =●▷”Naj Brout” on the grassland – visiting the development of the Inner Mongolia Human Rights Center★=◆☆, China Youth Daily…-, Zhongqing Net reporter entered the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, visiting the development of human rights in recent years△○★=. As the first established minority autonomous region in New China, since 2016●◁, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region has coordinated the economic, political, social-▪★▲, cultural, cultural, economic, political, social, cultural, and coordinated by the Ministry of Human Rights◆◆○, the right to survive, and the right to investigate the rights and development rights•…. ▪◇, Environmental rights■▷•=, promoting peoples comprehensive development. “Remedy Project▽■○◆” helps the minors involved in the universities of the right track, the psychological counsel evaluation room, the psychological counsel room .○•☆○.. Zhongqing report · reporter visited Tongliao Ci?

Original title: Hong Kong Media: After the laundry cream, the next Chinese secret recovery will be? [Observer Network Comprehensive Report] After Chinas 枇杷 cream caused Western media attention, what will the traditional Chinese formula that is favored by the West? The Hong Kong Media ▲▲-“Nanhua Morning Post” released the article on March 10, from ginseng, ginger to Cordyceps and porridge, combing our traditional Chinese recipe to be the next ▽…▽○”杷 cream”. However◁☆▷◆, the observer network noted that the most susceptible to the drug-related ginseng•▲▲, still being listed as □☆”medicinal food homology” in the relevant documents of the Safety Metaphier, and the standards and requirements of drugs. Image Source: “Nanhua Morning Post” website screenshot people participated in the ◁★”King of Hundreds of Grass”, for a long time, for Chinese medicine practitioners•◁○. This kind of bitter is swe★-•▷?

Zhongxin Network Lhasa May 28 (Raiba Platinum Jiangfei) National Network Tibet Electric Power Co.▷◁▲△, Ltd. revealed that from January to April this year, the company actively promoted the price policy, released electricity price bonus, to Tibet Ali area, Changdu The cumulative reduction of users in the two places is 31.96 million yuan (RMB, the same), and nearly 10,000 households. It is worth mentioning that the sale of electricity in Ali has increased by 79○….77% year-on-year, and the electricity fee revenue decreased by 19▷=■◆.49% year-on-year◆…◆▽. Guo Net Tibet Electric Power Co., Ltd◆•., from January to April this year, Changdu residents live electricity price fell 0.03 yuan / kW◁▽, reducing customer electricity costs 129 million yuan, benefiting 6307 household◁-•.

Chinas new network May 27 (spring•…, summer) African famous Nilagago volcano is again erupted on May 22, 2021, 2021, and the hot magma and strong harmful gases have brought great disasters to local residents…-◁. In the painting of the Chinese Youth Fairy Writers Zhang Hejun, the Niragono volcano eruption is a candy rain, and every candy is a dream of children. On the eve of June 1 Childrens Day▪◆◁▷, the painting story created by the famous fairy tale writer Zhang Hengjun-◇◆-, “a candy rain” published in the Guangxi Normal University Press in the national childrens book market○=▽. For Figure 2016, a female reporter gave a local child two candies in Africa, when the reporter took a photo to the child, the chi.