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[stabilization of industrial proteins]China News Network Beijing May 27 (Reporter Ni) ▷▷•☆”Meimei and Total – Celebrate China Democratic Alliance Established 80th Anniversary Allies Art Works Exhibition◁★■○” Exhibition of China Art Museum, 324 works, including Chinese painting, oil painting , Print, sculpture□◆△, watercolor painting, sketch, calligraphy and other art door classes. The China Democratic Union is mainly engaged in cultural education and high science and technology work, and there is a wide contact with the art world. There are many well-known artists in the allies△☆. They have a profound impact in the art world. Chinese art history writes an immortal chapter. Exhibition on-site Li Jinshi Exhibition is divided into four chapters, “historical memory★▼” chapt.

Original title: Hangzhou two districts ◇…”Homework new regulations” primary school students can ■▼◆□”refuse to write” to ▪☆◆”refuse to write” in the “Challenge Night War” scene of primary and secondary schools across the country▷●, or will gradually disappear in Hangzhou●□=, Zhejiang. Since March, the education authorities in Shangcheng District and Gongshu District☆★•, Hangzhou, have been controlled by the work time of students in the compulsory education. It is specified that after 9 oclock in the primary school, after 10 oclock in junior high school, for unfinished homework□△☆, it can be “refused□◁-“, only the parents sign the prove■◇●. The Beijing News report learned from the Education Bureau of the two districts, the introduction of the new government, after a longer period of demonstration, its purpose is to reduce low-level repetitive training, to ensure the sleep time of primary and secondary school students, the specific implementation effect, requires schools and parents Commonly cooperated. The same day called ▲•▷▷”operation reduction▪▪△” on the same day to enter.

Original title: Come to China to take the high-speed rail, why is it a multinational leader to visit China? “Revival■□●■” high-speed train (Ziyuan: Oriental IC) China has the worlds largest high-speed railway network. According to the China Railway Corporation•◆◁□, as of the end of 2017, Chinas high-speed rail operation mileage is 25▼●,000 kilometers, accounting for 66.3% of the total number of high-speed rails in the world, and more than 20 countries in four continents◇-◇○. Chinas high-speed rail gradually came out of the country, allowing global sharing high-speed rail to facilitate convenience▲◁★. According to the Russian □△★-“News], Russian President Putin will begin to visit China on June 8, and the company plans to take high-speed rail to Tianjin, and the cooperation between China and Russia in the high-speed rail field has become a focus. In addition to Russian President Putin, multinational leaders have taken Chinas high-speed rail during the visit to China and feel Chinas speed☆△. China high-speed rail is ta.