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[fish collagen peptides powder]Original title…□: Central Bank Report: 48△●-★.2% of residents expects the price ◁▼”basics▪▽…•” New Beijing News China New Beijing News (Reporter Di Di) Central Bank today released “Investigation Report of the First Quarter Town Savings in 2018◁☆…=” (The “Report▷•◆▪”) shows that the lower quarter, 31.4% of residents expect “rising◆▷◁”, 48△■◇.2% of residents expect “basically unchanged”, 9.9% of residents expect “decline”▲■•, 10…-=▼.5% residents ●…▼” quasi”. In contrast the survey of the previous quarter, the expected residents have declined slightly from the previous season (32.0%)◁▪▼=, and the ☆▲•●”basic unchanged” residents have risen slightly from the previous season (48%), and the residents expected …▷▷◇”decline▼○=” residents The season (9.3%) has risen. According to the central banks official website, the Peoples Bank of Chi▲=▲.

Original title: Tariff is lowered★◆▲, when is the price drop? According to the peoples Daily Overseas▪…▷, July 3, on July 1st, the import tariffs of cosmetics●▽•, processing foods are officially lowered, and the tax rate has averaged 55.9% depending on the tariff. When is the price? “I have heard that there is a large wave of daily consumer goods to reduce tax tax, very happy, but from now on the market price, it seems that there is no change.” Ms. Wang in Beijing often bought the import of skin care products and small electrical appliances▽▲▪, so the tariff Claims☆•☆▼. According to the State Countries Tariff Tax Council, since July 1, 2018•◆○△, the maximum tax rate of some imported daily consumer goods is reduced, involving 1449 taxes. The number of non-illuminating tax points is 7 times that of the top 4 slim◁▽▪, and the average tax rate is also reduced by 15◆▷▼.7% to 6●◁.9%, avera▲☆-▷!

The original title “representative channel-▪” is the first bright phase to comb. How did the three channels on the two sessions come? Source: The Voice of China According to Chinas Voice ◆□•”News”, the 13th National Peoples Congress officially opened yesterday morning, before the beginning of the meeting, the “representative channel” of this years two sessions was officially opened-◆■◆, and there were 10 in the same way★▽△▷. National Peoples Congress representative. At this point, “representative channel”△▲, ▪▷●▽”member channel” and “ministers” and ◆◁▷△”ministers” opened in this whole have all appeared. “Minister channel” is very familiar◁△=-. After opening the ★•”party representative channel▽☆■” last year, this year••▪, the national two sessions of the country has opened “representative channels•▼○◇” and “member channels▷▪▼”, forming the channel “full coverage”=◆☆. There is only more than ten meters of channels, but it is not one□◇=. History the longest marine collagen peptides fish scales vs fish skin gelatin products from bovine hide collagen peptides kosher collagen pills!Gelatin wholesale.