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Gelatin wholesale,[bovine collagen peptide indonesia]Original title: Luzhou released lightning yellow warning Syrong County Moni Town hail raid big eggs on April 30th at 15:40, Luzhou City Meteorological Station released lightning yellow warning signal: Zhangzhou has a scattered return generation, and it is expected that most places in Zhangzhou 6 Lightning activities may occur within the hour, and have a short-time strong precipitation, aquatic wind and hail. According to the person in charge of the last business hotel in Monitown Town, Syrong County●•, around 16:30, the hail•△●, the whole process lasted for about half an hour●◁■▼, some hail and even a big egg. One of the local 80s of Homao Memories-=★○, this is the largest hail who has seen in the year■▼•, it can be said that it is a hundred years. Toat the structure★…△◆, the hail causes the optical heat bucket of the two solar water heaters of their own home. -☆”my ho.

Zhongxin Net Xining May 27 (增) -•”I am attending this police technical tactical display activity, really very shocking, every subject is very handsome, in the future, I want to be a person like them, serious training△◇…, Practice all kinds of skills and protect everyone. “26th▷□•, the third middle school high school in Xining City said Yu Jing. On the 26th, the Qinghai Police Vocational College “Welcomes the 100th Anniversary Police Technique Tactics□◆••” and the Ninth Track and Field Games “in the Qinghai Police Officer College-○△, thousands of corners of the school around the enemys boxing▷☆…☆, pouring and enemy technology▲■★-, gun exercise Tactics, pistol shooting subjects◇•★, force assault subjects, and seven subjects such as police drone precision strikes have conducted a centralized display. Photo shows Qinghai police office.

China New Network May 27th According to Russian satellite network, Russian actress Julia Hiseld and director Klim Siagracoa in Russia Training Center ●★”League MS” spacecraft simulator Complete the first training○▷▼. According to the Russian Space Administration△□■, these two will be sent to the International Space Station in October this year▲◁☆, photographing a movie of space theme★■•. On October 14, 2020, three astronauts in Russia and the United States took Russias “League●■” MS-17 manned spacecraft, launched from Kazakhstan to the International Space Station (ISS)▪★, only 3 hours and 3 minutes. And successfully docked, set a new record. Also Hilld in your personal social media accou edible gelatin granule collagen effect! vital proteins collagen peptides bovine gelatin supplement