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[gelatin gel]Original title: The first Peoples Congress Press Conference Sino-US relations topic attracts the worlds eye Overseas network March 4, on March 4th, the 13th National Peoples Congress held a press conference in the Great Hall of the People, facing Chinese and foreign reporters Asked□▪, the meeting spokesperson Zhang Yucai “See the Recruitment”, on the reform of government agencies, the supervision law■★◆=, the real estate tax law, the Chinese defense budget, Sino-US relations, etc. At this conference, the most eye-catching is undoubtedly the topic related to Sino-US relations◇=○▪. Not only is the US media to pay attention to, Ying media, Russia, and even Korean media will grab relevant news in the first time◁□. The Associated Press reported that at the press conference□■, the US media reporter asked the “2018 Sino-US relations will face more conflicts”, Zhang Yeyi said this, the common interests of China and the United States are far more than the differences, cooperation is both side.

Original title: Chen Jian Gang•□, member of the Jiangsu Provincial Government Party Group (Figure Resume) Economic Daily – China Economic Net Nanjing March 7th News According to Jiangsu Province, the official website of Jiangsu Province, on the afternoon of February 14, Wu Zhenglong governor went to Jiangsu Province Expressway Road scheduling command center◇◁■■, inspect and guide the safety and smooth work of Spring Festival. Zhang Jinghua▪=★, the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, Zhang Jinghua■▷★, the Nanjing Municipal Party Committee□●, Chen Jianzhong, member of the Party Group of the Provincial Government=◇●●, and Wang Zhizhong, deputy secretary-general of the provincial government, accompanied him. The above news shows that Chen Jian has completed the new Jiangsu Provincial Government Party Group Member. According to the local party and government leading people in China Economic Network▼▷-, Chen Jian Gang, born in January 1964, before the director of the Jiangsu Provincial Committee, director of the Provincial Party Committee. Chen Jiangang resume Chen Jian Gang■◇, male◇◆○◁, born in January 1964, Jiangsu Haimen, Provincial Party School graduate degre?

Original title: Chengdu multi-sector is talking about US group taxi●•☆: Welcome to the network of net money market, do not have low-cost dumping Meet comments have set up a branch in Jinniu District, which will operate online in Chengdu. At present, the US Mission Network has been submitted to the Chengdu Neturo District Current Communications Office for application materials. On February 2nd◆◁=, the Chengdu Municipal Transportation Committee and the Municipal Public Security Bureau jointly talk about Shanghai Road Group Technology Co., Ltd. (Metri Review), March 30, the Municipal Communications Commission will also be the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Municipal Industry and Commission The bureau waited for the United States and Taxi online platform to carry out the joint discipline, once again•▲, the US group issued relevant requirements in Chengdu according to law, and the US Mission Network is signed by his head of guarantee. Participants also include the Municipal Netition Office, the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau, the Municipal Economic and Information Committee◆◇○, the Municipal Commerce Committee and Jinniu Distri★▼.

China News Service Seoul on May 27 (Reporter Liu Xu) According to the preliminary statistics of Korean New Crown vaccine vaccination☆▷◆●, as of 27:00 local time The vaccination has a single highest record since the vaccination. One day, the Korean State Prime Minister Jin Fuqian presided over the Conference of the Central Disaster Safety Countermeasures, issued a plan to support vaccination vaccination to restore their daily lives○▲…▼. According to the plan, the first vaccination can be exempted from the 8 people of the family members of the family, and the outdoor space in the park will not be smashed in the park, which can be used to accumulate facilities or participate in religious activities in Jul•▲.

The person in charge of the original title station defense department○◆□: Liaoning ship formation entered the Taiwan Strait information: In January 2017△▼●▼, the Liaoning ship formation in Nanhai Training [Global Network Comprehensive Report] The head of the authorities◁▪◁=, the head of the service department•●, said the Peoples Republic of China said that the Peoples Liberation Aircraft carrier ☆▼★•” The Liaoning No. 20 entered the Taiwan Strait, he also claimed that there were full monitoring▪•◁, mastering, and inconvenient comments on cross-regional ferrite in the Peoples Liberation Army. According to Taiwans “Central News” on March 21, Yan Defa went to the “Legislative Court Diplomatic and National Defense Committee▲◇=★” project, and asked when the DPPs ▪◇”Office▷▪▲■” Luo Zhi Guanzhi, ◁●”Chinas Airlines Mother Liaoning No▲▼▷. 18 and 19th There are military activities in the East China Sea. Is it true that the Taiwan Strait is true? “Yan De was confirmed that he also claimed that the Liaoning cross-regional aviation training-▪▷, the defense departme! soluble pectine foodgrade geletonbest kosher collagen – proteins in nuts that are used iotherdustries convert powdered gelatin to sheets halal gelatin capsule,