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[wheat protein global industry]Original title•●◁◆: (International) Polish President Duddad Meets with Guo Shengyu Xinhua News Agency, Warsaw, April 30■△, President Poland, President Duda, Visiting Xi Jinping, Chairman, Chairman of the Communist Party of China•=…◆, member of the Central Committee of the Central Committee, Guo Shengyu, Secretary of the Central Political and Legal Committee. Guo Shengyu conveyed the greetings of Xi Jinping Chairman to Duda. He said that Chairmpions President attaches great importance to the development of medium wave relations, and commissioning me to bring his letter. In the letter○▪□, it is advised to further promote the in-depth development of medium wave relations. Poland is about to usher in the ▪▷◆★”May Constitutional Day”△▷▽, I would like to congratulate you and the Poland people. In 2016, President Xi Xuan●△▼○, with the President Mr. Zhongbo relations into a comprehensive strategic partnership◆☆□-. At the 19th National Communist Party of China held in October last year, the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinping was established as a long-term insistence. President Preside.

The citizen of the dog is paying attention◁●☆! A few days ago☆▷◁●, the Municipal Public Security Bureau issued the △▪▪◆”Notice on Strengthening the Management of the Dog (Draft•○◇” (referred to as ●•▲■”notice”), the citizen is up to 1.5 meters, and the dog rope is up to 1.5 meters••, and must carry canine dung clearance items In the past two years, it will be confiscated for dogs■•▼, and the dog is prohibited within 5 years▽=▪★. “Notice●▪” pointed out that any individual and unit dogs should comply with social morality◁▷=★, and may not hinder the normal life of others, and may not infringe in public interest and legitimate rights and interests of others. Individuals and units within the ride of the Richeng Expressway must go to the regional public security branch of the district public security branch in the residential (site) to handle initial registration and annual registration☆…★. Within the ring line of the city, there is a disabled person with the blind man•■=▽, and the disabled people who have a disabled are supported by the help dog. It is strictly forbidden to raise large dog.

The game site. The organizer is in the new network Beijing on May 27, as Chinas mine is defeated Xian Jiaotong University to get the last 8 ticket, the 23rd CUBA National Competition 32 has officially ended. In the end, Tsinghua University, Peking University, Beijing University of Chemical Technology■◁•, Xiamen University, Taiyuan University of Technology, Guangdong University of Technology□▼▪★, Shanghai Jiaotong University, China Mining University 8 schools successfully bring back to their home☆•, this season CUBA ●☆▽”eight big king Kong” full tribe Bit▼■□○, this weekend will usher in the war of the first round of the first round. CUBA National 32 strong game gathers the top top basketball colleges, if you want to stand out from this 32 strong, advance to 8 stronger back home=…, difficult to thi•●….

Original title: Wang Chaoying: The editing of the civilian code is in order to carry out the order today (March 12), the 12th National Peoples Congress, deputy director Wang Shengming, deputy director of the Financial and Economic Committee◆▲, Wu Yapu▽△, Texture Wu Heng, deputy director of the Committee, Lu Caicixia, a member of the Environmental Committee, and Wang Chaoying, deputy director of the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee, and deputy director Xuan standard answered questions about China and foreign reporters on the issue of •☆◇▼”Peoples Congress Legislation”=▽==. CCTV reporter questioned, the 12th National Peoples Congress Standing Committee proposes two steps of work ideas in the Civil Code, first formulates general rules of civil law, and then compiles each of the divisions, and strives to form a unified civil class in 2020◆▲□. It is already 2018, how is the compilation of each sub-editor? What is the difficulty in the difficulty•…◁? Which years subcommittee will be submitted to the Standing Committee for consideration?

China Foreign Ministry (26th) held a routine reporter meeting. At the meeting, there were reporters asked, on the 25th△△, Yuan Keqin, a professor of the former Hokkaido Education University, was arrested by the Chinese government because of the suspected spy crime, Yuan Keqin, Yuan Chengyu□•△, and his supporters held a press conference. Yuan Chengyao, etc., I hope that Yuan Keqin can be cleaveed and released soon, and I hope that the two countries can restore security in peace. What is Chinas comment? Zhao Lijian, spokesman Zhao Lie, said that Yuan Keqin is Chinese citizen, but for a long time, in accordance with the requirements of the espionage of the Japanese emotional organ•◁▽■, Yuan Keqin is required to engage in Chinas spy intelligence activities for the Japanese. Yuan Keqin has been approved by the Chinese National Security Department by the Chinese National Security Department because of the suspected spy crim. bakers gelatin powder halal gelatin candy Pectin manufacturer gelatin immune system flavored gelatin!