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[different sizes of empty hard gelatin capsules]China Xinwang Jiangmen May 27th (Cai Minyi Yue Road Construction) Guangdong Hong Kong, Macau Dasan District Super Engineering Huangmaohai Cross-Sea Channel Project Construction Welcomes New Progress, the project control engineering, the worlds largest three tower road cable All the completion of the Pile foundation of the Bridge Huangjinghai Bridge, the logo main dragon entered the platform construction stage▪•○•. Huangjinghai Bridge is the Worlds largest highway three tala bridge, the main spans of 2 * 720 meters, the bridge is 2200 meters long. The main pier founded the group pile foundation, jointly constructed by Poly Long Great Engineering Co▪=◆■., Ltd. and China Railway Bridge Bureau Group Co=◇◇-., Ltd. Zhu Chao, deputy director of Huangmaohai Cross Sea Channel Project, said that in order to ensure the construction of large diameter drilling piles▼◆, Porsche General promotion main 12 construction, Huangjingh!

Original title•▽: “Every American family is inseparable from the China Manufacturing” ★△”Trump government if he has increased $ 60 billion tariffs for Chinese goods, which will have an impact on the head to the foot of the United States.▲★=☆” US New York ▪◆”Daily A news report pointed out in the news. The US Retail Industry Leaders Association has also expressed similar views in a open letter to President Trump○■▽★. In the letter, more than 41% of clothing○…, 72% of footwear and 84% of travel supplies are produced in China, “Tariffs for these products will be taxed for each American.” In the past few days, I accepted the American people interviewed by reporters to express their concerns about the US Trade War, I hope that the two countries will cooperate rather than confrontation. □▼☆■”The US government does this△▽◇, and finally the US ordinary consumer” Easte.

Original title: Peoples Congress representative Zhang Na East Recruitment: Three ways to relieve the packaging pollution source: Legal Evening News Legal Evening News · Viewing News (Reporter Wen Rujun) Today◁…□○, the National Peoples Congress◁◇, Chairman Zhang Jindong◆◆■, the interview with reporters■▼☆, express delivery Packaging waste pollution is increasingly serious, he suggests that the green packaging regulations for express delivery industry as soon as possible. As a helmmer of private retail enterprises, Zhang Ni East passed the development of development▪▪, with the rapid development of e-commerce◆••●, express packaging, take-away packaging□=, and followed waste pollution situation, promoting express packaging and reduction production and recycling, It is already a general trend★◆. In this regard•▽…, Zhang Nao East suggested that the express packaging pollution from three levels, including the relevant standards and laws and regulations of the express delivery industry green packaging, improve practicality and operati yellow gelatina industrial applications of protein engineering halal collagen hydrolysate!Gelatin capsule gelatin bulk,