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[40 mesh gelatin]Zhongxin Net Nanjing May 27th (Xu Shanshan) On the 27th, the 2nd “Gun Jiangsu Youth Flying – Jiangsu University Hong Kong▲☆◆□, Macao University Student Exchange Camp” held in Nanjing, nearly 80 Jiangsu University Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan student representative Participate in the opening ceremony…▷●□. Wang Chengbin◆□▲, deputy director of the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education★•☆, said Jiangsu is a deep humanistic fertile soil, and it is also an ideal place for the young people of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. At present, 2040 Hong Kong□▷☆△, Macao and Taiwan students are in colleges and universities in Jiangsu. ▲▷”I hope that during the Jiangsu to study, you can strengthen mutual exchanges, enhance each other friendship; can fully understand Chinese cultural charm and development achievements, share Jiangsu with family and friend!

Original title: The State Councils National Bureau of the State Bureau of the State Council is notified in the provinces, autonomous regions★-, municipalities◁☆, municipalities, municipalities, departments of the State Council, and all the agencies: “Deepening” according to the Third Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee Party and national institutional reform programs, the State Council of the State Council of the State Council, the State Council of the State Council○•, and the provisions of the National Bureau of the Ministry of Commons, are as follows: National Letters and Calls▽=•, managed by the Office of the State Council=■▲. The State Food and Materials Reserve is managed by the National Development and Reform Commission. The National Energy Administration is managed by the National Development and Reform Commission▼○○. The National Defense Science and Technology Industry Administration is managed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. National Tobacco Monopoly Administration, managed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. count!

Original title△◇: Xie Fuzhan△▽▲-, dean of the new Chinese Academy of Social Sciences…▼▽○, is a strong sense of responsibility■•◁, and the mission is glorious, and the new dean of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Xie Fuzha. “First explain it, not an important speech industrial proteins industrial foregoing water buckets in protein reactor collagen tripeptide!” On April 2nd◇•, when the new dean of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Xie Fuzhan smiled and said this sentence, the applause sounded. Before speaking, he also got deep down to the stage□○▪-, and then turned over to the new and old colleagues who were arguing to the chairpeted●…▼◁. On April 2nd▪▪•, Xie Fuzhan, the Dean of the New China Academy●•, and the Secretary of the Party Group…◁, appeared in a national resort in Beijing West Second Ring Road•★. In the last month▼★, he just took the Secretary of Henan Provincial Party Committee and bid farewell to the five-year land of the five years△○◇. In 2013=★△□, he turned from the director of the State Council Research Office□◇●, he served as the governor of Henan Province. He said before returning to Beijing, -▪”five years working in Henan, it bulk gelatin supplier!

First Financial Reporter: I would like to ask Chen Xiaohua, everyone knows that the industry is prosperous is the focus of rural revitalization…▼□◁. Recently, we learned in an interview that the current rural population continued to decrease, some villages have appeared “hollow☆▽” phenomenon□●. Excuse me▲-, how does the village make the industrial revision? Chen Xiaohua…▲-: Everyone knows that the key to the revitalization of the country is in people. If a village has no popularity=•●○, there is no talent★-, and the development of this village must definitely not do it. At this stage, the labor force of rural areas is indeed continuously. Some villages have also appeared “hollow” phenomena◁•☆▽, and this issue should be seen from two aspects•▼□. On the one hand●◆, it is an inevitable result of urbanization. Many countries in the world have reached 70% in the urbanization rate, and there is a phenomenon of rural population outflow. In the past five years▲=◆★, the rural population enters the city to sett==◆.

Original title▽▽: The Provincial Committee of the Provincial Committee held the Global Cadres Staff Assembly to announce the decision of the Provincial Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, Bao Xiying, the main leadership, March 29, and the Hudu Bureau of Zhejiang Province held the global cadres and staff conferences○•. Zhang Xuewei, executive vice president of the Provincial Party Committee, announced the decision of the Provincial Party Committee on the main leadership adjustment of the Provincial Committee of the Provincial Committee of the Provincial Party Committee: Comrade Bao Xiuying shall be the deputy minister of the Organization Department of Zhejiang Province, and the Secretary for the Old Cadre of the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee◆▽☆▲; Comrade Mall Cloud no longer served as the Director of the Old Cadre of the Zhejiang Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China▷▲●. Comrade Zhang Xuewei fully affirmed the work of the Old Cadre Bureau of the Provincial Committee in recent years, and said that Malin Yuns comrades have further deepened and improving the work of the provinces old cadres▼□=, and the provincial party committees work is full and satisfied. At the same time introduced the abalo◁▽▼.empty capsules gelatin.