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[plant protein industry continue]Original title: 5 leaders in five central enterprises, national-funded national-funded national-funded characters [2017] 126, hire Wang Zimin for the external directors of China China Coal Energy Group Co●•., Ltd…•., hire three years (from December to 2020◆◁■, 2017) November)□▽; Zhari is no longer served as a directors of China China Coal Energy Group Co▷▪…▲., Ltd■◇□•. State-owned Assence [2017] No◇▲…. 131 study=●☆•, exempt from Sun Gelins deputy director of China Coal Geological Administration▷•, retirement. State-owned arms [2017] No. 132, Wang Lin no longer serves as deputy general manager of China Poly Group Co.=◇, Ltd. State-owned Party Ann Failure [2017] No◇▷. 142, exempt from Comrade Wang Lin, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee of China Poly Group Co.◇▼, Ltd. State income ◁▲□….

Original title○▷☆▼: Dragon commando caught three pirates this is the real Red Sea action [Global Network Military Comprehensive Report] According to the video picture of foreign media exploding, on April 8●▼, 2017, “Hengyang”, ==”Yulin” The China Navys 25th batch of navigations composed of the ○▼○”Hongze Lake” replenishment ship in Aden saved the Bay of Tuvalu Os35. Subsequently, on May 5, 2017, the Navy sent a special war team to send these three pirates to the police station of Buntelan, in the northern Somali-△★, handed over the local police. Editor in charge○◁○: Liu Guang.

Chinas new network on May 28th•……◆, according to the news of the SFC website◇▼, the SFC has always attached great importance to the supervision of shareholders to listed…△◇, and continuously improve the overall supervision system mechanism, and focus on preventing violations of laws and regulations. In February this year=▷▲, the Securities Regulatory Commission issued the “Application Guidelines for Regulatory Rules – About the Application for the Shareholders of Listed Enterprises”○▷◇, strengthen the regulatory constraints of the assault stock, the stock price, the interest transfer, ●◁•”shadow shareholders△▲=○”▲■▽▷, and compact listed companies Information Disclosure Responsibility and Intermediary Mechanism Check Responsibilities, leading legal compliance investment to plan to listed enterprises▼=. During the implementation of the system▷■•, the Securities and Regulatory Commission adheres to the blade, and synchronizes the establishment of a package of institutional measures to prohibit the improper deposit of the syste○○?

Original title••◁: Beijing provides free online “family education”□☆-▼, so that if the training chaos is in the bottom of the potential■★, if it is said that the training of the school is “blocked”=■□◁, the free online “home education” provided by the government is “sparse▽……”. Wen Feng Haining In the future, many middle school students in Beijing can avoid the worries of the school★★•. According to the “Beijing Daily”, March 30th, 2018 Beijing Middle School Teacher Open Online Counseling Program was officially launched. The teacher open online counseling is different from the teachers paid family. It is a direct direct online service that the government leads to all students. Its implementation and organizational management funds are guaranteed by municipal funds. For a long time◇=○, the reason why the school training market and the online education market is very popular◇-•, and one of the reasons is that students and parents have strong demand for extracurricular counselin.

Original title○•★: Shanghai Putuo a man killed his ex-wife and 4-year-old daughter before he committed suicide. The picture from the network police report: At 11 oclock on May 19△○, 2018, the Putuo police received alarm, and there were two people in a cell room in Guangxin Road●◁▲. After the police arrived, I found that Weng (female, 36) and his daughter (4 years old) have died. At 11:50 on the same day▷-▼, the Putuo police report again-◇★, and a man jumped from a high-rise from Shiquan Road☆…. After forensic inspections, the deceased is Gu Ming (male-▽, 39 years old, is ambient, in line with the high-end death characteristics□▽★, excluding him□□-. After preliminary investigation◇△, Gu Mou was killed after the familys conflict was murdered. Currently◇●, the case is in further investigation▽▼▪-. The incident community☆◁●. Map on May 19th, Shanghai Putuo Distri▽□•….