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[undenatured type ii chicken collagen]In order to improve the customer service experience, create a “temperature insurance”, on May 27th…□•▷, Ping An Life Insurance launched the “Old Guest Enjoyment•▪▲=, Intimate Service” 527 customers enjoy activities, free to provide healthy equity services for about 2 million customers, Let the old customers enjoy the full health cycle to enjoy the rights and interests of “health◆▽▲, sub-health, small diseases, slow disease, disease” five scenes, create ○□=”health and care☆◆, sub-health is urged, small disease has accompanying, slow disease , The major illness has a special sense of warming service experience. In recent years△●▷-, the national insurance consciousness has continued to increase▷△, and the needs of supporting health services other than simple insurance products have become more and more. In order to solve the customer inquiries◇=△, ha■▼.

Original title: Sea Police Transfer Armed Police After the Diaoyu Islands Japan “Calm Counter” [Observer Network Comprehensive Report] According to the National Oceanic Administration website March 23•◇▪, the day, China Sea Police 2305, 2501, 2304 Ship formation in my Diaoyu Islands Leading the sea cruise. It is understood that the cruise is the first time that the ★▽…”Deepening Party and National Institutional Reform Plan▽▲=” involved in the Transcendence Reform Specific Adjustment Plan – the first time the sea police force transit the Armed Police Force. The Japanese government will immediately upgrade the corresponding institution. Japan Defense Phase II Wall Temple 5 Demon (Video Screenshot) After China Transfer the Sea Police Transfer Armed Police Force, it seems that Japanese officials have some ★□★”brain▷▽△”◇△◆. Japans NHK TV station reported that after Chinas sea police ship entered the Diaoyu Islands 12 nile, the Japanese government will set up in the prime ministers bureaucratic cris.

On March 28, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Lu gerk hosted a routine press. Q: According to reports, the Japanese self-owned party held a draft decision discussions today, and increased the contents of the self-defense team under Article 9 of the Constitution▪○◇●, and the self-cultural party was also included in the 2018 Activities■■◇, and Abe said●◇▲, will The self-defense team has clearly written to the Constitution and promotes the implementation of the constitutional objectives. In Japan, there are many different opinions on the self-cultivation of the self-cultural party▷•. What is the evaluation of China? A: Due to historical reasons, Japans revision of peace constitution has been highly concerned by the victims of World War II-●■. We hope that the Japanese is deeply drawing a historical lesson, listening to the peoples people at home and abroad•○, and continue to persist in peaceful development paths to solve their in Asia neighborhood and the international community with practical actions◁◇▼. Editor in charge☆▷○: Zhang Yili.

[Changsheng Biology: Bai Bai Bai production workshop has been suspended will formulate practical corrective actions] Changsheng creatures Reply to deep□□, at present, the company has been discontinued=★◆, and the company is actively studying Bai Bai breaking the vaccine and Basic multi-vaccine. For the incident, we feel very self-blaming-▷●▼, once again expressed deep apologies to the vacculvers and investors. The company will lead to the ring, to give a non-feasible corrective measures to make thorough rectification, ensure the production of compliance•◇…, authenticity, reliability, traceability•■◆, and the safety of vaccine. [Kangtai Biology responded “The King of Vaccine” report: the current product quality stability] Kangtai Biology issued a clarification announcement on the network related report, “the king of the vaccine” is n.