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[ankur protein industries ltd. website]Original title: pay attention! These renminbi will stop the circulation from the State Council, and the Peoples Bank of China decided to stop the fourth set of RMB 100, 50 yuan, 10 yuan, 5 yuan, 2 yuan, 1 yuan△■▲, 2 angle from May 1, 2018. Banknotes and 1 angle coins (hereinafter referred to as the fourth set of RMB part courses) circulate in the market. 1. For details on the fourth set of RMB part coupons (1) The fourth set of RMB 100 yuan banknotes. Its main color is called blue, and the front pattern is Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai…▪, Liu Shaoqi and Zhu De four leaders embellistics■▲•, the back pattern is the main peak of Jinggangshan. (2) The fourth set of RMB 50 yuan banknotes□◁. Its main color is called black tea•▪■, the front pattern is worker, farmers, intellectual avatar, and the back pattern is the Yellow River pot=▪. (3) The fourth set of peop bovine hide collagen peptides benefits industrial whey protein isolate china gelatine food!

Original title: Beijing City today has reached the new Beijing News News (Reporter Deng Qi Intern Yu Huazun) According to the real-time data of China Environmental Monitoring Terminal○◆…▽, Beijing has reached 5 heavy pollution. At present○•◆, it is expected that today (March 24) air quality space is different◇○•☆, and the quality of air is not fundamentally improved tomorrow, and it will continue to contaminate it on the 27th. Air quality forecast shows that it is a second-class good today△□□★, and the facts are contrary to the forecast. China Environmental Monitoring Station Data shows that Beijings first pollutant is PM2=★▷.5, air mass index (AQI) is 204, which is 5 level heavy contamination levels. Beijing Environmental Protection Monitoring Center expects that today, the Beijing area is weak and high pressure…○…, but the high pressure is northward, weak, and the air quality space is expected to be large, the whole citys overall air quality is mild to thr gelatin description!

Original title: (Environment) Shanxi Comprehensive Built 21374 River Long “Logging” Xinhua News Agency Taiyuan March 30 (Reporter Ma Xiaoyuan) Reporter learned from Shanxi Provincial Water Resources Department, at present, the province, city of the provinces river lake , County, township, and village five-level river long system have been completed■▷◁, and 21,374 rivers in the province have lived. Shanxi has a “historical mountain river”, and there are many rivers. Since the central government deployed the river long system, Shanxi Province attaches great importance to the provincial work program in April last year. The province, the province, the province, county, township and villages△△-▷, all the provinces□△▼▷, the county, township●◇, villages◁★•, five-level river long system are established before the end of December. Form a level of grading level, layers grasp the river long system work pattern▪▷◆■. According to the relevant person in charge of the Shanxi Provincial Water Resources Department, there are currently 21◇…,374 rivers…▷■, and the province has implemented a total of river.

The person in charge of the original title station defense department: Liaoning ship formation entered the Taiwan Strait information: In January 2017□••, the Liaoning ship formation in Nanhai Training [Global Network Comprehensive Report] The head of the authorities=■…◆, the head of the service department▷●◁○, said the Peoples Republic of China said that the Peoples Liberation Aircraft carrier ” The Liaoning No△☆☆▷. 20 entered the Taiwan Strait, he also claimed that there were full monitoring=▲□, mastering, and inconvenient comments on cross-regional ferrite in the Peoples Liberation Army. According to Taiwans “Central News” on March 21, Yan Defa went to the “Legislative Court Diplomatic and National Defense Committee●□▽…” project, and asked when the DPPs “Office” Luo Zhi Guanzhi, ●■”Chinas Airlines Mother Liaoning No…◁★■. 18 and 19th There are military activities in the East China Sea. Is it true that the Taiwan Strait is true◆△■▪? “Yan De was confirmed that he also claimed that the Liaoning cross-regional aviation training, the defense departme.

Original title=▼○•: City “reduction of fat” promotes high-quality development (new) “Peoples Daily-◁” (09th Edition□=○•, 2018) City “reduction of fat”■▪△★, is the structural reform of supply side in urban transformation The vivid practice of promoting the process reform of the urban governance system and the modernization of the management capacity, my country has experienced the largest•△, the fastest urbanization process in human history, the urbanization rate is less than 20% from the initial period. About 60% have achieved the world-famous achievements. In recent years, with the rapid development of the city, some cities have been plagued by “big city disease”, resulting in the structural aging of the industry•△•, the physical aging and population aging, facing the era of high-speed development to high quality development○•▲◇. Question. In a certain sen▷■•●.Gelatin wholesale.