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[industrial protein engineering costs]Original title▽○◇: China is falling into zero and other countries? Hua Chunying: Everyone has a mirror “Foreign Ministry Spokesman Office▪□☆” public number (XWS4_FMPRC) news-▷★, on July 20th■▲●, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the reporter asked: According to reports, the US White House National Trade Commission Director Varo said that China is in China and other countries in trade issues into a zero and game, and the United States needs to cooperate with other countries▼◇▲●. What is Chinas comment▷…•●? Hua Chunying: Recently, US officials have published a lot of ridiculous remorsement that reversed black and white, I understand that they may have the needs of people in China to express their uneasiness and opposition to the United States. However★■•, in view of Mr. Navar in the US trade policy, I still have to prevent it from misleading more people from mistake…○△.

On April 25th, the Judge Prosecutors Disciplinary Committee was held in Chengdu in Chengdu-●, the Judge Prosecutors Disciplinary Committee and the first plenary meeting◆□☆★. Deng Yong, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee▷•■, and the Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee▷…★□, presided over the establishment of the General Assembly and speaking=☆□. The Disciplinary Committee was established in accordance with the central, provincial party committee unified deployment and the pilot work program of the Sichuan Judicial System Reform. The main functions were specialized on the provincial judges=•, prosecutors violated the trial and prosecutive responsibility, and proposed review. The meeting pointed out that the establishment of the Disciplinary Committee is a major deepening of the Sichuan Province to fully improve the province of the province. It is a comprehensive implementation of the judicial responsibility system in Sichuan Province to promote the social fairness and justify the company, there is a milestone in the history of Sichuan▲○. All members should always adhere to the guidance of socialist thinking in Xi Jinpings new era, fi▪=▪.

Original title: The reduction of the opening is reduced•▲△, and what is the discontinuation of the bank outlet? Only from the beginning of this year to February 28, the China Banking Regulatory Commission was approved by the bank outlets 115, which was 23% year from last year■▲…▽. From the region where the network is closed, the last 6 months, Zhejiang shutdown, 53 bank outlets were shut down in 6 months, followed by Yunnan, Beijing, Tianjin•…, Sichuan◆◁▲, Shanghai, shut down bank outlets More than 90% of the developed cities (municipalities directly under the central government•○■, provincial capital cities and planning list). The rise of the network changes and the rise of the new financial industry are quietly changing the banking industry▽▷. Since 2017■☆★, the gradual significant trend has been, the value of the physical outlets that seem to be an advantage seems to cut, the outlets of the outlets have slowed down, and the shutdown is steep Some banks have calculated according to the year●○, and the net is ne! bovine collagen peptides side effects marine or bovine collagen peptides Pure collagen collagen used in products from candy to cosmetics is called hydrolized gelatin,