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[gelatin manufacturing equipment]Original title: 5 famous Chinese and foreign economists suggest: How to deal with the changes in the US strategy to China? Economic Observer Network Reporter Li Si Di night, Sino-US trade war started. In the early morning of March 23, the US President Turkong signed a memorandum, which announced the tax of $ 60 billion in Chinas import commodities. A few hours later, the Ministry of Commerce issued a statement to counterattack – for the US imported fruit, pork, wine and other goods, 3 billion dollars. China and the United States, the largest economies of the worlds largest volume are upgraded again★★. What is the impact of the US policy change in China? How will China bring? 5 Chinese and foreign economists gave their respective advice. Lin Yifu◇□: The United States levied high tariffs on China, which does not meet the US interest?

Original title: Jiang Yang☆◁=: Increased the penalty penalty for securities crimes # 我 我 零 # National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference▪=★, the Vice President of the SFC, Jiang Yang●■, attending the groups group discussion, the account opening investor in the capital market reached 130 million people involving many families◆★, stabilizing social stability countries must stabilize the capital market. Jiang Yang pointed out that existing laws are punished for fraudulent distribution of 600,000, and such cases have been sentenced to the market, they are said to be light, but the SFC is administrating according to law, and it is necessary to increase the penalty penalty for securities crimes. (Securities Times) Click to enter the special responsibility Editor: Zhang .

Original title: The representative member calls for inclusive webmobile development and strengthening the fair competition review of the reporter of this reporter, the shared economic wave of shared economy, which is characterized by “Everyone Participation, Building a Sharing◆■=”, swept the world▽◆★. The webmark has become a variety of air outlets, showing vigorous development. How to deal with the relationship between government regulatory and industry development, becoming a hot spot in the two conferences on behalf of the members. Today, the National Peoples Congress representative Cai Jiming said in an interview with the “Legal Daily◁■” reporter, he will submit the “Health Development of Negotiation Case Encourage Supervision”. For some local policies that limit competition◇○▽=, he suggested in accordance with the requirements of fair competition review system in accordance with the Ministry of State Council◇◁, improve policies, unrelated, non-reasonable, discriminatory terms, such as various and travel safe.

China Xinwang Zhaoqing May 28 (Guo Jun Palace Zhaoyu) May 28th, the ◇☆▼•”Sea Tour 0955◆-◁■” handling ceremony was held in the Haixi Portaine Department, marking the largest and most performance of Xijiang ships tonnage and information. The maritime law enforcement ship with the highest level is officially launched△▷…★. “The-▽” Sea Tour 0955 “is the first 40-meter maritime patrol law enforcement ship in Xijiang, the ship, which will further strengthen the dynamic management and emergency protection of Xijiang transportation, and ensure the safety of Xijiang transportation, effectively improve water traffic governance. Ability and level●▪. “Lin Kui, deputy director of the Guangdong Maritime Safety Administration□★. It is understood that •■”Sea Tour 0955” was opened in May 2020★•, the total length of★▼◇■! collagen face mask powder naticol fish collagen peptides About Us collagen cream body gelatin coating protocol,