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[porcine collagen peptides]Original title▼☆•: Destruction of the political foundation of Sino-US relations is stupidity (bells) Local time on March 16, US President Turpan signed the “Communication Act” and Taiwan Communication Act of the US Congress, advocated to lift the high level of the United States. limit●-. The US move severely violates a Chinese principle and the three joint communiqués of Sino-US, interferes in China, and China is strongly dissatisfied with this. At the crucial moment of the development of Sino-US relations, the United States will only find “Taiwan brand”○◇, will only be counterweight□▲, self-sufficient. Taiwan issues are related to Chinas sovereignty and territorial integrity, involving the core interests of China. The Chinese government has repeatedly emphasized that maintaining national sovereignty, the determination of the integrity of the territorial integrity is unswerving▽-. China has urged the United States to carefully handle Taiwan issues, do not carry out any official exchanges and contact with Taiwa…☆.

Original title: 2018 National Council member Mo Rong: It is recommended to establish an unemployment warning system to Beijing News (Reporter Wang Meng◁●, Zhang Wei) Today (March 10)◁□, the third chance of the 13th meeting of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference The Great Hall of the People held, and several members made a conference on multiple issues△▲-☆. In speaking, Mo Rong, a member of the National Committee of China, Vice President of China Labor and Social Security Research Institute, recommended to establish an unemployment warning system. Mo Rong said that my country has achieved high quality employment, including four major challenges, including my countrys new jobs in the job market, maintained around 15 million▷◇□▲, and the total employment is not reduced, but due to continuous advancement of technology★•=◆, it may cause employment positions in the short term. Reduce; traditional employment services are still relatively lagging behind service concepts, service methods▲■, etc., lack of solvi.

Original title: Minister of the Decisive Biography of the Central Committee, Zhou Xiaoying, Sub-discipline Committee▲▼▷, Subo Zhou Xiaoying information map, the Director of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission, the Nineth Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, Zhou Xiaoying, the latest job confirmed. According to the website of the Central Committee○◇○, July 31, 2018, Comrade Zhou Xiaoying, a group of discipline inspection and supervision team in the Central Committee, presided over the head of the office meeting, all cadres meetings, and conveyed the study of Comrade Yang Xiaotian in the discipline inspection and supervision agency cadres supervision work symposium. Comrade Yang Xiaochao conducted a special training course on the safety supervision of the discipline inspection and supervision cadres and the national discipline inspection and supervision system◁□…. Comrade Chen Xiaoyu took the spirit of the Speech at the Director of Discipline Inspection and Monitoring Group in the Central Commission. Research and implementation of measures and carry out the whole group of cadr★☆-▪.

Original title: Nie Chen Chara, Vice Minister, Vice Minister of China, Director of the State Administration of Radio and Television, Party Secretary “National Press and Public Work Safety Council Portal” WeChat Gao Jun, March 21, March 21•-▽=, the National Radio and Television Administration held cadres The General Assembly announced the decision on the establishment of the National Radio and Television General Administration and the leadership team. Nie Chen Chara was the deputy minister of the Central Propaganda, the Secretary of the State Administration of Radio and Television▪▼, Party Secretary. Source: ▷★”National Press and Public Work Sector Portal▷◇-” WeChat Board Responsibility Editor: Zhang .

Zhongxin Net Nanchang May 28th: ​​”Gao Cell●…◆” is also “grounding” China Beidou system fusion application results Fengxin reporter Li Yunhan from the manned space engineering to car navigation, from atomic clock, go to Wisdom Agriculture, China Beidou Satellite Navigation The system is not only the “stars▷=” in the sky, not only “high-cooled” and =○☆▪”grounding gas■◁” Beidou is changing our lives. From May 26th to 28th, the 12th China Satellite Navigation Annual Meeting was held in Nanchang, Jiangxi. During the General Assembly, a large number of Beidou applications appeared, showing the fruitful results of the integration application of the Beidou system. On July 31 last year-★•, the Global Satellite Navigation System of Beidou No★•■. 3 officially opened▼◇▼▽, marking the overall development of the Beidou system into the worl.