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Pure collagen![japanese fish collagen nano peptides review]Original title Beijing: Future tuberculosis will be officially included in the new students medical examination•◇☆◇, March 24th is the 23rd World Prevention Tuberculosis Day◇…•, the municipal health planning supervision agency revealed that future tuberculosis will be officially included in the citys new students Requirements item▪▼. Last year, 7114 patients with tuberculosis patients were reported only to the second place of Diacetanism. ★▲◆”The transmission of respiratory tract greatly increases the risk of tuberculosis, and everyone may be infected◇▪.” Gao Zhidong•□, director of the Beijing Tuberculosis Control Research Institute, introduced in the population intensive place•○▼■, if the infectious tuberculosis patients have long stood for a long time, there is tuberculosis Risk of aggregated onset. According to the latest issued ▽★•”Code of Prevention and Control Work in School Tuberculosis”▪▼, the city will increase the tuberculosis prevention and control of schools and child care institutions in the futur.

Today (27th)○●■, the Ministry of Transport held a press conference to introduce the revised ▪□◆”Maritime Traffic Safety Law” related content•▽△. The Maritime Traffic Safety Law will be implemented on September 1■□●, 2021▼…. …☆•”Haian Law” is the basic law in the field of my countrys sea, establishes the basic system of maritime traffic safety management. The amendment is the first comprehensive revision of the 1983 promulgation. From the strengthening of ship crew management, implementation of safety security system, strengthen sailing safety supervision, improve search and rescue emergency and accident investigation and handling mechanism▪…◇▼, standardizing impact of fair civilization law enforcement, etc. The system and content of management have been fully enriched△◇▽, and the revised “Maritime Traffic Safety La□◇•☆.

Delegation★☆▷☆: Gansu Time▷★▼=: 9: 00 Location: Gansu Hall Meeting in Gansu-▷▪◆: All meetings (General Conference on General Conference) Meeting Tita: Review of the draft constitutional amendment: Qinghai Time: 9:00 Location: Peoples General Assembly Tang Qinghai Hall Conference Form: All meetings (General Conference on General Assembly) Meeting Items★◇: Draft Constitution Amendment Note: 1. Open group events were held at the General Assembly Hall, and the reporter invited the East Gate of the General Hall◇•. 2. If there is any change▪…=, the news center will be notified in time. 3○-○★. In the meeting, please do not conduct individual interviews individual interviews. The 13. th National Peoples Congress One Meeting News Center March 6, 2◇●○■. 018 Click to enter special responsibili.

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