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[is bovine hide collagen peptides vegan]Original title: Suspected Chinese men in Japan to defend and use Chinese insults. I will respond to [Global Network Comprehensive Report] According to Japanese media reports▪★, a fight in the entrance of a store in Shibuya=■, Shibuya, Japan, several young men Male security personnel and insults with Chinese insults. Japan NNN TV stations reported that men involved in men are like Chinese, in this□▪○, China Embassy responded on the 15th□•▷. Japan NNN television reported that several men involved in the Japanese NNN TV station reported that several men were like Chinese. The Chinese Embassy in Japan reminds Chinese citizens to comply with Japanese laws and regulations▪☆■▷, and should comply with the relevant regulations of the mall and civilized shopping. If you encounter problems, good consultations are carried out with polite attitude, avoid unnecessary disputes and even touch local laws. Edito!

[Sino-US economic and trade consultation issued joint statement] China and the United States have issued joint statements on bilateral economic and trade consultations in Washington on the 19th. The declaration is as follows•▼◇◆: According to Xi Jinping Chairman and Trump President◆●□, May 17 to 18, 2018, Zi Jinping Chairman of the President Xi Jinping, the Chinese delegation and the Chinese delegation of the State Council△★▲, including the Minister of Finance Monkin, and the Minister of Commerce▲◇▼. The US delegation of Rose and trade representatives such as LeThizawa made a constructive consultation on trade issues. The two sides will adopt effective measures substantive reduction in the decline of US cargo trade. In order to meet the growing consumer demand and promote high-quality economic development, China will increase their purchase of goods and services in China. This also helps US economic growth and employment. Both parties agree to increase US agricultural produc●◁.

Original title☆▼: A man in Shaanxi is suspected of illegally detained in the escape tour of Leshan Buddha scenic spots=○, the net police will control the lives (public security for map) cover news reporter Li Wei, Dingwei, June 1, 11 am, a suspected Shaanxi☆◁▽ Escape came to the Leshan Giant Buddha Scenic Area. After receiving the information☆▽, the Leshan Municipal Public Security Bureau special patrol detachment immediately organized the civilian policeman and rushed to the scenic spot to verify this situation. At 14 oclock on the same day, in front of Lingyun Temple in Leshan Buddha Scenic Area, the casual clothes found the man…□▼, and then according to law, the man said, the man said that she did not carry any personal identity documents, and unable to provide personal valid identity information on the police. The casual waters plan to bring it back to the detachment to continue the investigation-…, so take it out of the scenic spot. When a group of people walked to the East Gate of Scenic Area, there were many scenic tourist. large scale purification of proteins in industry supplement collagen Pectin manufacturer geletein gelatin manufacturing,