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[protein engineering industry]Original title▪★…-: “Father of Han Xin”◁▲▷●? The United States has made Chinas ★◁”no core” anxiety◇■, and quickly transmitted to the industry via the Internet to the industry. Under the collective anxiety, some people recalled the “Han Cix”●▽◇, which is the scar in the history of Chinese chips: the country spends the independent chip to develop by hundreds of billion scientific research funds. After setting off a short national☆▪, it has been proven to be A scam. The owner of the farce and lies★★◇○, where is the situation? Surprising “Core” in the first half of 2006, Shanghai Jiaotong University “Hanshi fake event” shocked nationwide, spending the ◁■△◆”Kin▼•◆◇” series chip developed by the national scientific research funding research and development of the country is fake. During the night, the Dean of the Shanghai Jiaotong University Microelectronics Colleg!

Original title: heavy pound Shanxi Taiyuan, Yuncheng, Lu Liang today publicly pronounced three major black cases involved in the case involved in the case▽□△, from severe punishment-△, March 26, 2018, Shanxi Yuncheng•▼•■, Taiyuan City, Lu Liang City The city and county peoples courts conducted the organizers, participants, “protective umbrellas○◁”, and 51 non-black criminal defendants, including 51 non-black criminal defendants, and the acquisition of 51 non-black criminal defendants. This is the successful judgment of the ■…★”Wen Xi Hou Brothers”•▲★, ◆□○☆”Shanxi”, △□◁”Sweeping and Evil” in Shanxi Province, highlights the provincial party committee and the judiciary ▽…•”sweeping the evil” Serving confidence and determination. Yuncheng City Intermediate Peoples Court publicly announced the “Tomb of Tomb Black Helpe.

Culture is the blood of the nation, the cyberspace is the spiritual home of the people▪◆★. Prosperous network culture▪▲◇-, while meeting the spiritual culture of the people•■, it can also enhance national soft power. Recently, the Office of the Central Committee of the CPC Central Committee issued the ◇■”Notice on the Development of Party History, New China History, Reform and Development History, Socialist Development History”, and launched “four history” publicity and education on the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China▷●. Make arrangements deployment★-▲. ▲☆○▲”Notice” emphasizes that there is a network culture product and literary work that broadcasts a batch of ground gas, easy to spread, and listening to the network◆◇▼=. Give full play to network platform information communication advantages, draw forward strength from histor?

New crown virus vaccine first needle is no longer vaccinated after June 9? false porcine collagen peptides taking charge of proteins from neurodegeneration to industrial biotechnology Pectin manufacturer! pure collagen powder collagen vitamins! Guangzhou Daily News (full media reporter Wu Wei correspondent Sui Weijian Xuan)○▲, Guangzhou citizens vaccinated the willingness of new crown virus vaccine continued to rise, multiple inoculation points on the spot-•, long-range dragons, many statements on vaccination are also online spread. Yesterday◆▷▲○, the Guangzhou Health and Health Committee clarified in the relevant statement and said that the current new crown virus vaccine is stable and can meet the needs of near future◁□. The general public does not need to panic, please make an appointment, reasonably arrange time, error-inoculation◇=□, and make personal protection. For the Internet, △…◇▽”June 9 will stop inoculate the first new cro▼-◆.

Original title☆☆-: The first qualitative examination of the new college entrance examination begins to the new high school entrance examination date in June, the first qualitative examination date. Recently○▪=, the Beijing Education Examination Institute issued the “Notice on Doing a Good Job in the Quality Examination of the General High School Level Examination in 2018◁★” and the main schedule of the examination■△▪. The 2018 Qualification Exam is scheduled from June 30 to July 2nd. Eight disciplines will be taken. The eight disciplines will implement ◆•▽▽”new college entrance examination” in the three-day test 2020. From the fall of last fall★=□▼, Beijing established high-middle school level test system, high school education level examination is divided into qualitative examination and grade exams, and its results are an important basis for students graduation education. From June 30 to July 2 this year, the first qualitative examination will be taken out◁●, involving eight disciplines▼●□, respective□△◁.