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[is collagen halal]Original title: The General Administration of Safety Administration surveyed the Guilin Dragon Boat Ship Yesterday afternoon▷○◆, the Beijing News reporter learned from the Guilin Municipal Committee Propaganda Department that the person in charge of the relevant departments of the State Administration of Safety Administration has led the investigation team to Guilin, and will be associated with the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Survey Team◆▪. To investigate the Guilin dragon boat shrouding accident occurred on April 21, the survey results will be announced to the public in the first time□▪▼★. On the afternoon of April 21, the dragon boat rolls occurred on the Taohua River near Xiaojia Village▷▪▽=, Xiufeng District, Guilin City▪=, causing many people to fall water, 17 people died. Witnesses said that when the three dragon boats met▪★◁, there was a rubber dam□◁▽=, and the gate door door of the dam is not open. The dragon boat directly damped the dam failed■□☆▼. In front of the incident, the water in the rubber dam did not empty the public information. The incident ship is called Xiaojia ship gate★•, which belongs to Gu!

Original title: Qianlong hugs the moon bottle to shoot 4.1 million euros French buyers defeated 17 Chinese to take the reference news network June 12 report, media, in a auction in France▪★□◇, one belonging to the 18th century China Qianlong Emperor The price of rare porcelain bottles after a bidding war (1 Euro about 7▲▽▪….56 yuan – this net note) price is sold◁○□■. According to the AFP on June 10▽•…, the auction appraisal people Philip Ruyak pointed out that Plus the handling fee▷…▽□, the total price reached 50.89 million euros□▪•◆. He called this auction ○□◇■”Historic and Legendary Color.” Buyers who have reached auction by phone do not want to answer reporters. This round of the moon has a Buddhas eight treasure pattern, and there is an emperors seal○☆●. This auction of a porcelain bottle of 500,000 euros is start•■.

Original title○=: Trump said that only he can help Beijing? Who is lie kosher collagen what are pasture-raised hydrolyzed bovine collagen peptides Gelatin wholesale. protein shakes industry industrial whey protein suppliers! Yesterday=▪△•, a circle called “Trump★•◁□: Only I can help Beijing,” is a hot circle, and there are more intellectuals to forward. In this article, Trump not only announced that China has been helpless●▷◇●, China has been completely isolated, but also claims that he has launched a trade war for China to help China, the most exciting thing is that in the article▽•, Trump said◁△●: ☆•□◇”China Can only rely on the US to get out of the current dilemma▪•=. “However, the Buddhas investigation found that this article is completely [Hu edible]◆◇. Because Director, Directo, the Trump○◆●, which was declared, said that he recently published this speech in Florida□☆•, USA☆…, and found that this Trump is in this speec▲★.