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[industrial scale protein production]Original title: Ministry of Science and Technology: No participation in the selection and release “unicorn” enterprise list Peoples Network Beijing March 30 (Reporter Wei Yan) Recently, a number of media reports “Ministry of Science and Technology authority release 2017 China Unicorn Enterprise List of lists, trigger a lot of reprint for a moment…◆★, but the strength and qualifications of the company have triggered a lot of controversy in the industry and netizens◆◇. With the Peoples Daily Note▲▲◇★, it was finally issued to the Ministry of Science and Technology□▷, confirming that the list is not officially released by the Ministry of Science and Technology. According to the Ministry of Science and Technology, the release subject of the list is the Great Wall Strategic Consultation★●, the Ministry of Science and Technology Torch Center and Zhongguancun Management Committee△▪★-, of which the Ministry of Science and Technology is only one of the institutions under the Ministry of Science and Technology. The Ministry of Science and Technology did not participate in the selection and released “unicolored” corporate list. Editor in charge: Zhang Yili.

Original title: [Pollution Forecast] Expert Forecast April 1-2, Beijing, China▷=□, South China=○, will appear in the middle to severe pollution, according to China Environmental Monitoring Station▪▪, Beijing, China Environmental Monitoring Station◁-, the latest air quality forecasting forecast for Beijing…▪△▽, Tianjin and the surrounding area▷◆○, From April 1st to 2nd, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area will have a middle to severe pollution process. In response to the above, the National Atmospheric Pollution Prevention and Treatment and Central Organization Experts predicts the air quality situation of this process. Since the end of March☆○△, with the end of the heating period…•, all kinds of industrial enterprises in the autumn and winter in Beijing★=▲, the surrounding areas have resumed production•▽. While industrial corporate pollutants have increased significantly, steel , Industrial emissions such as cement building materials increase the maximum. Due to the production of heavy chemicals due to heavy chemica.

Original title: In the last 22 days, Beijings key investigation sources: “Changan Street, IC” WeChat public number With the arrival of the Ching Ming Festival, the city will have a peak of sweeping…▼, recently◁△, the city management law enforcement Bureau has issued a whole system ○=•” The Qingming Festival Environmental Order Security Work Plan “, the urban management law enforcement department will launch a special law enforcement work in Ching Ming Festival from March 17th to April 8th. The urban management law enforcement department will focus on the operation of not counting the funeral◇◆, sacrifices, Kong Ming lights and fireworks, roads to throw paper money, and illegal operation around the sacrifice, and coordinate the governance and regulating the main roads, squares, and public green spaces. The behavior of the coin, the sacrifice▼○◆△, focusing on the park tourism scenic spot▷■, the bustling business specialty block=○▷, and timely discovery and investigate and deal with all kinds of illegal activities affecting the order of the cit.

Original title: Pengpeio visits to my Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Chinas Lego Towelsi Terrio Contacts According to reports, US Secretary of State Pengpeo visited North Korea from July 5th to 7th. The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lu Zong said at the routine reporter of today (5th)=★●, China is very happy to see the United States to pass the close contact, step up negotiation▷…△, the opposite, and release each other, and practical implementation of good Leaders important consensus on Singapore on June 12, further promoting the development of the peninsulaless process▷▲★, and promotes the construction of the peninsula peace mechanism. China has always advocated the “Dual Tracking” ideas◇-, I hope that the United States can be able to have a relatively movement, which can achieve positive results▪△=△. (CCTV reporter Shen Yang) Editor•○-: Huo .Pure collagen.