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Gelatin wholesale![protein drink industry]Original title: Why is the Department of Retired Military Affairs? This note is released▲◇ chicken collagen type ii manufacturers! Today, the State Council Institutional Reform Plan discusses the 13th National Peoples Congress a meeting to consider◁▷▲•. According to the program◇=□, the State Council will form a decommissioned military affairs department. Why is the Department of Retired Military Affairs? What is the main responsibilities of this department◁▽○? On March 13th, a meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress held the fourth plenary meeting in the Great Hall of the People◁□. The reporter of the Peoples Daily Net is compiled by the legitimate rights and interests of the military military military, strengthens the construction of retired military service guarantee system☆=●☆, establish and improve the decommissioned military management guarantee system for the centralized unity, clear responsibilities, and let the soldiers become the respect of the whole society=◆○. Program puts forward, put the resettlement of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the resettlement duties, the proceedings of the Human Resources and Social Security Department□◁□▷, a geratin best liquid collagen organic◇○•▷ alternative protein industry!

Xinhua News Agency, May 28 (Reporter Liu Xia Village) At 2:4 of May 22, a 74-magnitude earthquake occurred in Mado County, Qinghai, and the Emergency Management Department issued Qinghai Mado 7◁=.4 earthquake intensity map=★•. It is reported that the highest intensity of the Qinghai Mado earthquake is 10 degrees◆▪-; the 6 degree area and the above area are about 53,704 square kilometers•△■, involving 32 towns and towns in 7 counties in 3 counties in Qinghai Province, 1 county county in Sichuan Province, 4 towns. According to reports, earthquake intensity refers to the extent of ground and housing and other earthquakes, including buildings, natural landscape changes. my countrys intensity is divided into 12 grades, the higher the level, the more destroyed. The intensity of 10 degrees refers to the bridge minority bridge pier, mo☆◆•.

Original title◆-: Member: Multiple proposals recommend cleaning up standards for medical advertisements, watching TV, still paving the Tiandi Lin Ye National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, Lin Ye, Professor◁◆☆▼, Peking University•◇, said to clean up the standard medical advertisement. Lin Wen introduced that foreign countries generally do not allow medical advertisements in the media, official TV stations and radios are not allowed to issue medical propaganda advertisements……△◇. But now open our TV, radio and network, Koreas beauty doctor, painless implant▼○•, a medicinal wine, and it is covered•○•▽. Many people have been misleaded and causing medical disputes. Lin Wen introduced that many medical disputes in the Beijing Municipal Safety Planning Commission have taken place because the Korean doctors have finished the beauty surgery■▼◇, but many people have seen advertising, but they cant find a doctor▪-◁. Lin Yen said that he has repeatedly proposes to clean up the medical ca.

Chinas new network client May 28 (Reporter Xing Rui) Beijing launched “7 days cold static” in the fitness card has been nearly two months. After visiting, the reporter learned that as the provisions of the “Beijing Sports Fitness Industry Prepaid Service Contract” Demonstration Text=●▪, 7 days of cold and static implementation does not have mandatory, and some gym has not introduced in operation☆△□▼. The launch of the contract demonstration text is to reduce the consumer dispute arising from the customer and the gym☆■■. Although the demonstration text is only guided documents, consumers can consult the contract terms when signing a fitness contract with the merchant, or require the merchant to set “7 days cold static”☆■☆…. [Editor: Tian Boqu.