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[fish collagen peptide factory]Original title☆•◁◆: Inner Mongolia Radio and Television Party Committee Secretary, Tuan Chang Zhao Chuntao accepted discipline review and monitoring■◆, according to the Supervision Committee of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region◁•-: Inner Mongolia Radio and Television Party Secretary•▼, Templer●◁•, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Party Committee Alternate Committee, is suspected of serious violations, currently accepting discipline Review and monitoring investigation. Zhao Chunxi, Zhao Chunxi, male, Han nationality◁-●★, born in February 1962, university culture, July 1984, participated in the work in May 1994, joined the Communist Party of China◆▽○, in Inner Mongolia Liangcheng County. 1984.07–1987.08, the gateway department 694 launched a table▷•○◁, the charter of the charter◁☆◁; 1987.08–1991.12, Inner Mongolia TV station technical outsourcing team technician★□◆; 1991.12–199.

Original title: Two conferences, representatives, recommendations: National promotion ☆▷”The only child cares for accompanying fake” Each reporter Zhang Zhongyin is increasingly highly highly prominent by the editor of Chen Xu, who has become a parent☆=, and the social concern is caused during the two sessions. Representative of the National Peoples Congress○△▪, deputy main committee of the civil construction••, Shanxi Provincial Party Committee, Li Zhiqiang, deputy director of the Provincial Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau-▼•=, suggested highly concerned and solving the pension problem of only childrens parents▲▲. Yu Jinyu★▼•…, a member of the National Committee of China, and Yu Jinyu•-…◁, a researcher of the World History of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, pointed out that in proposal More attention should be concerned. The reporter noticed that in many cases on the parental parenting policy of only one chil?

Original title: The Liberation Army Taihai Shooting At the same time□☆△-, two 6K bombers flying on the 18th-★=, the Peoples Liberation Army took a 6K bomber through the Palace of Ancient Straits into the Pacific Ocean▷=□•. (Zunyuan: Taime Med Medal) Overseas Network April 18 On April 18, the mainland is on the Taiwan Strait, that is…●☆, Fujian Quanzhou House held a fire shooting military exercise, only more than 60 kilometers from Jinmen○◁, which triggered international attention▪□. On the other hand▽▷▲, according to Taiwanese media reports■□, the PLA 2 bombers through the Temple Channel in the afternoon, and Taiwan and Japan sent a warboard to “monitor”•□. Comprehensive Hong Kong Dongwang and many Taiwan media reports, the Taiwan defense department issued a news that the PLA 2 bombarded 6K strategic bombers flewer in the palace of the Palace in the afternoon of the 18th, entered the Western Pacific, and then returned to the station by the Bus Stra.

Chinas first winter Olympics champion Yang Yang-•◇○: Do not choose “Safety Brand” to believe that the Beijing Winter Olympics you believe is less than 9 months▼▲▪, “Snow and Ice Project Tests have been held, and all preparations are continuously promoted•☆.▽◆” Yang Yang, chairman of the Beijing Winter Olympics Committee▽◇, recently revealed that China Youth Daily · Zhongqing Net reporter interview, under the global epidemic challenge●▲▪◇, the preparations for Beijing Winter Olympics is recognized and supported by the International Olympic Committee□★, ▽▼●○”International Sports The big family is very expected, I hope that through the success of the event, it will encourage more people to cross the current difficulties-▷☆. =○◇△” In Yang Yang-▼◆, the international communitys confidence in China stems from the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, and is also based on ice and sno.

Original title: (Times) The 18th National Congress will hold Xinhua News Agency on June 26th to 29th (Reporter Rong Qihan) by the Party Central Committee◆▪, China Communist Youth League 18th National The Congress will be held in Beijing from June 26th to 29th. At present, the preparations for the General Assembly have progressed smoothly. The Communist Youth League 18th National Congress will listen to the report of the 17th Central Committee of the Troupe, amend the Orchestra, and the Election of the Election of the Eighth Central Committee. The Communist Youth League 18th is an important meeting in the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics-=□●. It is a major event in the youth political life of all nationalities in the country…•. This conference will further mobilize the majority of young people, high intention of the new era of Chinas characteristic socialism, the great banner of socialism with socialism▲▼□, and fully implement the 19th National Spirit of the Par.Pectin manufacturer gelatin mix for drug test hydrolyzed chicken collagen type ii,