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Gelatin capsule.[champagne jelly with gelatin powder]Original title: Hong Kong Media said Beijing “The most striking property market policy□◆○” effect is remarkable: Value price has a large decline message network on March 20th, Hong Kong media said that since March 2017, the Beijing Municipal Government has introduced more than 20 new regulations△••◇. Severely crack down on speculation in the real estate market. One year has passed, Beijings house prices and transactions have fallen sharply▼▪▪-. According to the Hong Kong Asian Times, Online March 19★▽…, the statistics of the Zhongyuan Real Estate Research Center showed that the second-hand housing in Beijing, the second-hand housing, the second-hand housing■•, 4-●,54916 sets. According to the report, after the Government began to implement the “most strict life market policy in history” in the 2017☆△◁…, the second-hand housing in Beijing was only 12,0821▷•▽★, and the volume fell by 52.6%◆◁☆★. Beijing new commercial housing is only 23…•△,388 sets, down from 48.7% year-on-year■…▷◇, bru.

China New Jingwei Client May 27th, on the morning of the 27th○▷, the Hengfeng fell slightly, the highest touched 29157-○◁.95 points in the disk, the minimum of 28950•○…=.72 points, as of the afternoon closed, the constant finger down 0.3%●○▼, report 29078□▽=.02 points; State-owned enterprise index fell 0.41 %□▷, Reported 10810.55 points; red-chip index rose 0.1%, reported 4155•◁.18 points; the large market turnover is 92.357 billion Hong Kong dollars. On the surface of the hot plate•●, the semiconductor, non-alcoholic beverage, information technology consultant, consumer electronics, steel and other five sectors led, of which 17=▼•.39% increased by 17.39% reported in HK $ 0.810 led the semiconductor sector◆-■-; real estate agent=□…, educatio.

Original title Beijing New Airport: National Development New Power Source In October 2019, the first batch of passengers will be ushered in 2025, which can meet 72 million passenger throughput. It will be as …◁▪”Akimids fulcrum▼☆…=”, splitting the national and global air transport market – Beijing New Airport: National Development New Power Source Beijing New Airport Terminal Building Construction Scheme with Beijing Tiananmen is the starting point, along the center axis 46 kilometers south, they came to Beijing New Airport in the construction▽△●▼. This airport facing the future is 67 kilometers away from the Capital Airport, 85 kilometers of Tianjin Binhai Airport, 55 km from Xiongan New District. At the beginning of March 2018□-●, when we visited▪▼, the main airport building of the new airport has been capped, and the beautiful roof curve shines in the sun shines▲◆…, internal construction and other constructio.

Original title: Another group of “inner ghosts☆▷” is a big ghosts and drove ghosts▽◆☆, the final source: Legal Evening News Legal Evening News · View “Tiger” has fallen■▪•◆, flies have landed. The anti-corruption sword, the sword is like a rainbow. The so-called “ironing is still hard☆•▪▼”•☆★. At the same time, the Commission for Discipline Inspection has never stopped ☆□△”catching” action while “tiger shooting fly…▪▪•”. Todays “Guangzhou Daily□-▼” reported that from January 2017, in March 2018, Guangdong investigated 170 discipline supervision cadres……. Yesterday, there is news that 66 people in Guizhou have treated the discipline inspection and supervision cadres this year. A batch of batch of ghosts were pulled out, explaining the discipline inspection and supervision department to clean the portal, and strictly guard against the “black” work. Xiaobian Shuo Xiaobian was discovered, despite the ghosts of “inner ghost”, one of the discipline inspection supervision departme□△★▼.