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[liquid gelatin]Original title☆●: China International Student Jiang Hao was shot: the suspect trial date was postponed by Davis Zhongxin●◆.com Information, China Exchange Network May 1 news, according to the US “Overseas News★△■▽” report, 2016 US Arizona China International Student Sirred the shot★•, suspect Davis (HOLLY DAVIS) was held in April, and the Tribunal was originally pronounced on April 30, but the trial date was postponed until June 15 after the court. Jiang Hao was killed by the suspect Davis, and the case was killed in the Chinese community. Davis recognized the crime of murder of the second level at the beginning of this month, and the judge was originally pronounced on April 30, but the trial date was decided to postpone the trial date until June 15th. The court spokesperson said on the 30th that the reason is that the judge is not ready to pronounc!

Original title☆■▷□: How did the Taiwan Provincial Representative of the two sessions of the country produce? (Zouyuan: Hong Kong Venue) March 9th, the Peoples Great Hall Taiwan Hall▪★-, the National Peoples Congress Taiwan Provincial Delegation held an open day event. When the 13 represents the collective, many reporters present in the field took a large photo for them▲-. Some foreign media reporters curiously asked the staff, how did the National Peoples Congress representative of the Taiwan delegation? Why is it 13? How do they have background and experience? To be honest-▪▲, these questions are not only curious, but friends in many continents also feel doubts. Here, the Hong Kong and Taiwan cavity will talk about the story of the National Peoples Congress Taiwan delegation○•▲. Lets first say that the member of the Taiwan delegation is elected. As we all know, due to the special political situation on both sides, direct elections from Taiw Gelatin capsule, gelatin manufacturer!

Original title○▷•◆: The flight attendant ride-◁■=, the suspect is still escaping the dripping▷▪, a lot of netizens have been harassing. Take the picture according to China Voice “News●◆★=” report: 10th, a flight attendant is in Zhengzhou ride a drop and windmill The news caused wide attention▷■△●. According to reports, it is 21 years old, which is 21 years old and is the “only girl” in the home. On May 6th●◁…, the victim took a windmill to the city after the Zhengzhou Airport Port. Zhengzhou police stated that it was more monitoring near the incident□○, showing the suspect Liu Mouhua to abandon the river, as of the reporter▼▲▪●, the police are fully exploiting☆□▪. Zhengzhou police official Weibo gave a message under his police informed◇▪: “Live people…-, die to see the body bovine hide collagen peptides vs bone broth•■ gelatin capsules for liquid!★…” Last night■○★◁, the drip also announced that the rewards of 1 million yuan to find the way to kill the passenger how much does gelatin cost•◆-!

Original title: Ministry of Education: The result of the winning result of primary and secondary school competitions shall not be used as an enrollment. According to Xinyang News (Reporter Wang Jun) Today (March 21) The Ministry of Education issued the “Announcement” pointed out that the competition for the field of basic education is named. The results of the activities such as commendation can only be considered honors, and they may be based on the enrollment of primary and secondary schools. Education administrative departments at all levels and schools must not recognize the results or results of such activities carried out▼◁○. In addition, activities such as all kinds of competition, listing, naming, and commendation without the approval of the Ministry of Education, are not allowed to stroke “nationwide”. This full name is “Announcement on Regulating the Organization of Commissioning of Competition for Facing Basic Education” (referred to as “announcement◇▽”) proposed that approves activities for all kinds of competitions, listing▼▪○▼, naming and commendation for basic education, should A…□◇▪.