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[host cell industrial scale protein production]Original title: Sino-US science and technology peak match◇▽, British economist…•★: Chinas management mechanism is better than the US Source: China Daily Network China Daily Network March 22 worried “China Technical Threat”◇◆•■, US President Trump is shouting at last week “Broadcom” transaction in Qualcomm△=★. This incident is transmitted to the ear of the British British, they are particularly in the field of science and technology, and China is now in the moment, and Trump can you have a little vision? This is still not letting any ▷☆”black material” of “black material” in China★☆▪, “cover story” published on March 17 on March 17. The British pointed out that the British pointed out that the technical gap between China and the United States is getting smaller and smaller■-▷, and some places are also transcended by China; the article takes the “acquisition…◇▷” ?

Original title: The Peoples Patriot Type of the Peoples Patriot Type 3 Type to the East [Observer Network Comprehensive Report] According to Taiwan ○-◁□”Dongssen News■★” reported on July 22, in order to respond to the liberation army army■…◁, the Taiwan military 2017 is Ordered the patriot air defense missile deployed from the western way to Hualien, Taitung and other places…■◆; on the 14th, the Air Force Taitong Zhihang Base was held at the opening of the camps, and also specially showed the patriot missile launcher●□. Patriotic air defense missile positions in the aerial base. According to reports, the Taiwan military related personnel revealed that the patriotic missiles in Taitungzhang Base are currently connected to the Patriots 3 type and the original patriot 2 performance to the Patriot 3 type 2 missile hybrid deployment, its defense The direction is in the vast sea of ​​the East Coast, deployed in a fan-like manner. According to reports, the Peoples Liberation Ar?

[Medium Boat Group said that there is no notice from the merger] China Ship Night Announcement▲●▽, Recently▪●, some media reported that the State Council was in principle and other contents of the SMB Group and the SME Heavy Industry, the company was verified, and The Companys Holdings Shareholders Sino-Boat Group conducted a special letter. The Mid-Boat Group said that there is no notification on the merger items, there is no information that should be disclosed without any information that should be disclosed▪◆☆. Editor in charge○▷□: Zhang Yili.

Original title-▷●◁: Is it not illegal☆=? Jinan Railway Bureau responded that netizens strongly controversial “Mens High-speed Terminals” for recent netizens, the Jinan Railway Bureau gives a response today, but the result has made many people feel helpless…■◇. On the 23rd, the Jinan Railway Bureau responded that the behavior of men and passengers belongs to moral issues and does not constitute illegal acts. Train workers are dealing with words and deeds in the event○▪•■, and they should have duty. For the ▼▲●◁”esteem” behavior, there is no specific provision that can be referred to. At present◇▷, the Jinan Railway Public Security Bureau has been involved in the investigation. From the current network of netizens, this processing results have caused a relatively large dispute. Most netizens have expressed objection and dissatisfaction under this news=◆. At present, the Jinan Railway Public Security Bureau has been involved in the investigatio.

Original title: 2018 National Two Sessions 丨 National Peoples Congress Directors Talk about “Black Light Factory”-■: China must become a strong country, must have a core technology to Beijing News (Reporter Sha Xueliang Chen Peng) March 9th○•▽, 13th The National Peoples Congress held a plenary meeting, and Dong Mingzhu, a representative of the National Peoples Congress, and the Chairman of the National Peoples Congress and Zhuhai Gree Electric Co▲★◁., Ltd.◁■★, said that Chinas manufacturing should become a strong country and must have a core technology. The reporter asked the “Black Light Factory□•” to explore, Dong Mingzhu said, “The black light factory is the unmanned factory, currently Gree all the country■•◇, the machine is replaced by people. Launch the back of the unmanned factory, Gree Look One direction is that the product combines the needs of consumers, there must be more advanced equipment support==…. China manufacturi.