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[difference between marine and bovine collagen peptides]Original title: Domestic 14-price HPV vaccine, 13-pronaneous pneumonia vaccine in addition to the priority review or will accelerate the listing of the new Beijing News (Reporter Xu Wen)•★, the original country Food and Drug Administration◇★, the drug review center, the official website, publicized the 27th batch The list of drugs to priority review priority, including domestic recombinant 14-poby papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines, and 13 drugs in the 13-priced pneumococcal polysaccharide combined with “green channel◇▼▽” or will accelerate it▪◁•. Among the listings announced▷◆▪, 12 drugs were launched in new drugs, and nine drugs were new drugs••, and the remaining 5 drugs were applying for imitation drugs. It is worth noting that the 14-price HPV vaccine developed by Beijing Ninning Biotechnology Co., Ltd.◁•▲□, the domestic restructuring of Shenzhou Cell Engineering Co△○□.◆☆○, Ltd. as a major special project, its n.

From May 26th to 28th, 2021 China International Data Industry Expo was held in Guiyang, Guizhou Province▼==. As a national exhibition with big data-oriented national exhibitions◆▲, several exchanges will focus on the emerging applications in 5G background this year, and explore the development of large data emerging industries such as artificial intelligence, industrial Internet◆•…, quantum information, block chains□•=…. trend. Just three months ago, General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that in Guizhou, I pointed out that I would like to form a new development pattern, promote big data and physical economic depth integration, and cultivate the strategic emerging industries, and accelerate the development of modern industrial systems. “We have to actively strain, chemically change the structure, deepen structural reforms, with scientific and technological innovation and digital chan◁◇.

Original title: Henan Note 6 cases◇◇: One Public Security Director acts as an inexpanic mulberry place to sweep the umbrella and sweep the evil storm, Henan police, the central discipline mandate of the National Supervision Committee of the National Supervision Committee released at noon on August 7th “Henan Notification 6 It starts from the black-related corruption and “protect umbrella-▼◆” case -…▷”■▪●■, which announced Zhengzhou, opened 6 public security systems involved in black and evil corruption. In the case of the reporter▽▪■◇, there were 3 cases of 6 cases of this exposure. Among them, the public security director acts as the “protective umbrella▽▲◆■” of the yellow gambling poison◆◁, there is police officer for the Huang Yin Hotel ventilation•◆, as well as a fake pen recorded by the police station. In the above-mentioned notification article, the Henan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission said in this issue of the 6 typical issues, ◇○●☆”reflecting individual party members and cadres lose party spirit, indifference to law☆•, and black and migh!

Original title▲◁=: The new department of the State Council is built▼○◇●, 5 departments leaders “collection•▪◁” Source■…=: Changan Street ICPUSE Writer The reform of the high-rise State Council institutions is in progress○○, “double positive” will appear again. On March 22○…, the Emergency Management Department cadre held in Beijing. The relevant person in charge of the Central Organization Department announced the decision on the appointment of the central governments leadership team of the Emergency Management Department□▽…. Huang Ming, Minister, Secretary, Secretary▷◇, Secretary, and Secretary of the Party Committee□■, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Fujianhua▷★☆, Party Secondary Secretary of the Emergency Management Department, Sun Huashan, Zheng Guoguang, Huang Yumi, Ye Jianchun, Shang Yong, Ai Juntao, Wang Haishua attended the meeting. Huang Ming has now announced the reform of the ministries★…, with the “double positive”: Emergency Management – Party Secretary Huang Ming, Secretary Wang Yupu, Justice Department – Minister Fu Zhenghu? industrial protein company centrum gelatin Gelatin wholesale where can i buy native path collagen collagen used in product from candy to cosmetic,