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[proteins that are in high demand in the pharmaceutical industry]Original title: Chen Minli is the 6th aftershocks▪◁△★, and the Chongqing delegation held a plenary meeting in Inner Mongolia Building▽○▽, and the Delegation of Chongqing held a report on the government and accepted the media interview. When he responded to the issue of “political ecology”, a member of the Central Committee, Chen Min, secretary of the Chongqing Municipal Party Committee●☆, talked about the two-digit Chongqing Municipal Party Committee Secretary Bo Xilai and Sun Zhengcai. Chen Min said: Since the 18th National Congress, the entire political ecology has undergone fundamental improvement, contact Chongqings situation◁■, Bo Xilai, Sun Zhengcai two corruption problems are square, but the most prominent is political Corruption. In the partys 18th National Congress◁▪★, the 19th National Congress, I investigated the cases of two people, very implied, and I have eliminated the political hidden dangers for the party, and the political ecological pollution source was eliminate•★▼▼.

China News Service (Feng Zhijun Cao Mei Lin) Since the beginning of this year-○, the fruit of Gansu, the “Chinese Duxe”•☆○▽, continued to broaden the “friends circle☆△○=”, and 527 tons of Dunhuang red dates and grapes have been Take the table on the Philippines, Vietnam, Japan, Canada and other countries□△☆•. Lanzhou Customs released the news report that the 1•△▷□.6-ton red dates product from Dunhuang recently exported to the United States in Dunhuang Airport, Dunhuang Airport◆▪◇, Lanzhou Customs. This is the first time in Dunhuangs red dates to enter the US market. In order to reduce the influence of the epidemic, the relationship from the source of field plants▷★□, guiding corporate science planting-▽▲, further enhanced the quality and safety of agricultural products in export characteristics. Dunhua.

Original title: China Auto Industry Association: There is a bottom gas relative to limit tariff reduction is a challenge is a challenge▪◁▷☆. The source of China is more opportunities: Chinas voice “News” report▲=: 10th, President Xi Jinping is in the Boao Forum 2018 annual meeting The above proposes=◇, to relax foreign shares as soon as possible, especially the foreign capital restrictions on the automotive industry•▲◇-, and significantly reduce car import tariffs. There is an automotive industry to refer to itself to “flatness”. What challenges and opportunities will the China Auto Industry will usher▲◇? With the opening of the reform and opening up, Chinese car companies have chosen the roads of Sino-foreign joint ventures•▷, and they have born Dongfeng Honda, Shanghai Volkswagen▽▽△, FAW Mazda, these everyone familiar with the car joint venture brand•★. During the national two sessions this year, the governments work report pointed out that the car•▼●, pa!

The original title army representatives talk about the construction of modern military legal system: Liu Peng, a national representative of the National Peoples Congress□▼, and Yang Chengxi, a representative of the National Peoples Congress, and the Central Military Commissions Commission for Discipline Military Commission◆▲•. Since the 18th National Congress of the, President Xi Jinping has attached great importance to the rule of law, and it is rising as the basic part of the Junjian to the Jun Zhijun. As the implementation of political construction army, the reform strong army-▷△■, according to the rule of the army, the science and technology is strategy An important part of deployment▲○▪◁. Yang Chengxi, a representative of the National Peoples Congress, and the Central Military Commissions discipline committee, Yang Chengxi=……▼, to build a modern military legal system=▼△, but also follow the steps of the era▽-▪•, further improve the supporting regulatory system, and constantly adapt new tasks. Talking Change□▪•: The concept of governance has abandoned the representative of the Citizen Thinking Yang Chengxi■▽○◁, since the 18th Party Congress□▼, our army attaches great importance to the construction of the regulatory system, stro. china gelatine collagen china gelatin powder supplier Pure collagen collagen or gelatin collagen snail cream,