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[collagen skin whitening face cream]Original title: absurd! The United States will approval to Tibetan domestic and foreign Tibetans [Observer Network Comprehensive Report] According to the US media report, the US Congress adopted an expenditure bill•…▽◆, and settled $ 17 million to Tibetan community in FY2018 (about 100 million yuan), including Tibetans in Tibet and Tibetans in India, etc. At the end of May last year▷■▪◁, the observer network reported that the screenshots reported that this bill included 8 million US dollars in Tibet△•▽◇, 6 million US dollars in India and Nepalese, and 3 million US dollars for strengthening Tibetans•▷□. The ability of institutions and “exile governments▲◁▼”■▪. It is reported that the so-called ★○▽●”allocation assistance” of the United States has been long. In 2002, the US President Bush signed a “exil breakfast bar protein bar industry collagen drink sachet skin whitening pure gold eye mask collagen nitta gelatin na!

Original title Port media……: China wants to combine AI push new robot challenge the robotic •●▲○”four families○□☆” Data: Robot Performance•□. On June 7▪◁•, the staff was entered on the high exam volume. Xinhua News Agency, Xue Yubin, takes June 7th▲◇☆☆, “Star Mathematics College Entrance Examination Robot” AI-MATHS is answering questions. Xinhua News Agency reporter Xue Yubin Photo report news network reported that Hong Kong media said that with the continued advancement of the concept of “Industrial 4☆▽•■.0★★” and ◇◁▽”China Manufacturing 2025″, the Chinas industrial robot market has developed as in full swing▲△◆○. Data show that Chinas 2017 annual domestic industrial robot accumulates more than 130=○,000 sets, an increase of 68.1% year-on-year☆●□◁. Under the big trend of manufacturing☆▽•, intelligent transformation upgrades, industrial robots have a huge space, and it is expected that in the next few year◆◆▽■., on August 25th, according to Harbin Municipal Government Information Office, in the early morning of August 25, there was a fire in the North Dragon Hot Springs in Songbei District, Harbin▲□. After 4……●△:36, the fire department received alarm to the scene after receiving the alarm, and 7:50 was opened at 11•▷▼:30, it has been cleaned up from the fire. At present, there are 18 deaths in the scene◁◆, 19 people injured○••, and the injured people were sent to the hospital for treatment◆☆■. The cause of fire is under investigation▼=□. Click to enter the topic: Harbin 1 hotel has a fire caused multiple death responsibility Editor: Huo •…•.

Original title…☆○: What should I do if I invest in P2P platform? Recently, many P2P platforms in the country are like the weather before the typhoon is coming●=•, and the clouds are covered=▼△, and the thunder is rolling. In just more than a month, the number of violent net loans has exceeded 150, only On August 2, the Shanghai police won 44 at night. ◁□”I really urgently use money, I will take it halfway”, in the Rights Rights Group of the Ryunding Platform, some people are in an urgent worn…=○☆. For some investors, a failure investment experience has changed their life trajectory. They try to recover the losses, maybe I have added several rights protection groups and I dont know the specific process•◁▽●. If you are very unfortunate☆□▪◇, you are really in the investment platform•◆▽□, what should I do◁▲? Dont worry about the doctor, first look at this rights Raiders. 01 evidence protecti.Gelatin capsule!