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[protein engineering applications in industrial biotechnology]Original title▷■◆: The amount involved in the case is more than 700 million yuan◆▼◆. The general manager of Lu Jinfen is Changhong is subject to the review and liberation date○★▷. On January 5 this year☆•, the first branch of Shanghai Lujiazui Financial Development Co., Ltd. The former chairman of Lu Jiazui International Trust Co., Ltd. Chang Hong is suspected of corruption, illegal operation of similar business, and misappropriating public funds□●◁■. On April 2, Shanghai No. 1 Middle Court held a trial. The trial showed that this case was publicly heard in Shanghai, the Fifth Tribunal of Shanghai, at 9:30 am on April 2○●★. Due to the complex case, the conference before the case was held recently. According to the public data, Changhong was born in 1963, graduated from the Graduate School of Xian Jiaotong University School of Management in 1990, a doctoral degree▽•□. From ◇☆!

Original title…◆…: This female peoples representative specialize in studying “new materials=□▪” [editor according to the two sessions▲■☆, the procurement advice, what is your good idea? Big to national planning, small to the firewood salt, all parties in the commentary. We interviewed the representatives of the Peoples Congress, the Committee of the CPPCC, came to listen to their two sessions cirtrus pectin fish collagen powder★△=◇! The 13th National Peoples Congress representative△□, China Aerospace Science and Technology Sixth Hospital of China Aerospace Science The technical director of the 16 new materials division is also the leader of the F-12 high-performance fiber technology innovation team in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. As one of the worlds three major high-performance fibers•-, aramid fibers are an important strategic supplies in aviation, aerospace and civilian.

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing May 27 (Reporter Wang Libin) Childrens autism is a world medical problem=▼, and it is a misfortune, family and society○•◇□. Let these •◇△”Stars” – Childrens autistic patients go out of self▪◇■, integrate into life▽■☆, and all walks of life have been working hard. The reporter learned from China Childrens Childrens Autism Charity Miles Activity Board, after Beijing Station, Jilin Station, the 10-day child autism public welfare rescue activity Ningbo Station was successfully closed□▼•, 4 received rescue The core symptoms of children have been improved. According to Xiaoyu, the chief scientist of public welfare activities, in response to the changes of the condition of each child after 8 meridians△▪◇, combined with Western medicine three physical examination blood indicator.About Us pig gelatin halal-gelatine-sweets,