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Contacts![lentil protein industry][Review Line] Sun Bird Review: Promoting “Four History▲▪•…” in the event, the “four history” propaganda education is deeply penetrating, the Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China issued the “Masters History, New China History, Reform and Opening”, Socialist Development The Notice of Shi Xuan Chuan Education▪=•★, which launched a “four-step” publicity and education for the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of China. Enhance the ☆■-“four history” publicity and education effect, need a fresh story◆=…•, a trip to a verse, and leading the event. ▽▲•”Notice” pointed out that organizing a history of reading school, grassroots preaching, learning experience, paying tribute to revolutionary martyrs, learning advanced models, red family inheritance○▪▽◇, national defense education, mass cultural activities, et.

China News Agency, Macau▷▼▽, on May 27th, Macau Statistics, the data released on the 27th-●◁, in April, hotels and apartment guests have increased by 5.5 times to 694■=…,000 in April; those from mainland China recorded 7◇•.6 times an increase. According to statistics, in April▷▽△●, Macau has 119 hotels and apartments in Macau★○▷, an increase in 9, which can provide 10△=.5% to 37,000 rooms□●▽▪. The average occupancy rate of rooms (excluding medical observation) has significantly rose 45.9 percentage points to 58.5% year-on-year, and the average rooms at the three-star hotels are 68◇■▷.5%. In April, there is still no purchase of Macau passengers, and there are travelers in the local participatio••△○.

Original title: China has obtained the network of technology, the US media: It is time to learn from China September 10, 2017, at the 2017 World Internet of Things Expo held in Wuxi◇▲●•, the audience visited the exhibition◁●△. Xinhua News Agency▷•☆, Ji Chunpeng Reference Message Network, March 7▽◁, US “Forbes▷◇□” Shuangweek website March 5th issue is the article “We can learn from Chinas Internet of Things”, the author of American Cisco Macei Cranz, former vice president of system company, believes that China has become an intentional network technology leader, and the article is extracted as follows: 25 years ago○•▷▪, I first visited Beijing, I was crowded with people▲▷, bicycles and trucks on the street. I just ended my 14th China trip, although there was a busy way to traffic, but there was a significant difference▼□○. n▽□△▷.

Original title: Guangdong Provincial Party Committee◁=●•, Li Xi, I have answered a very important question on the 6th, at 9 am★=☆●, the 13th National Peoples Congress■△■, the first meeting of the Guangdong Provincial Delegation, held in the Capital Hotel. The meeting was presided over by the Director of the National Peoples Congress, director of the Standing Committee of the Guangdong Provincial Peoples Congress. At the first stage of the meeting, the National Peoples Congress representative○•▼△, the Guangzhou Mayor Wen Guohui, the National Peoples Congress, Shenzhen Mayor Chen Ru Gui, the National Peoples Congress, the Registrar of the National Peoples Congress=▽, the National Peoples Congress□▼◆, the Guangdong Science and Technology Department, Wang Ruijun◁●◁, said Wang Ruijun. Before the meeting, Li Xi and Li Yuemei conversed the second phase transferred into the media questioning section=…▽. He successively had a member of the Central Political Bureau, Li Xi, Guangdong Provincial Party Committee◇-=☆, Li Xi, Guangdong Provincial Commission, Standing Committee■-☆○, Commission for Discipline Inspection▼□, Director Schker collagen power drink protein ingredient industry! pectin production line from apple gelatin a valuable protein for food and pharmaceutical industries