gelatin a valuable protein for food and pharmaceutical dustries – gelatbove means

[gelatin used]China Xinwang Client Beijing May 28 (Reporter Li Jinlei) The reporter learned from the State Administration of Taxation that as of the end of April▪•, the total investigation and punishment of 378,300 suspicion, with the public security organ for more than 24•◇,000 suspects Take mandatory measures, there are nearly 5,000 suspects to take the initiative to surrender under the shock of special actions, and effectively curb the trend of the deficient scam★△▲. Data map▷☆▼◁. Zhongxin News Reporter Zhang Bin☆■▷◆, deputy director of the Taxation Administration of Taxation□•, pointed out that the special action of cracking down on the illegal crime of deficiency, one is to persist★◆■•, and implement precise strikes. Second, close sectoral collaboration and play a combination of punches▲▽. Third, close attention to the electronic invoice, and “the open hea◇□☆▪!

Original title◆△◇☆: The United States is expected to pay taxes 16 billion goods, but this important detail is ignored gelatin bovine means gelatin a valuable protein for food and pharmaceutical industries▲▷= Gelatin wholesale. china gelatin powder pectin gummy! From 12 noon, the United States officially began to increase 25% of the total of $ 16 billion products●■□. Since the United States has announced this plan last month==◇△, todays expedition is not surprising to many people…▪=□. However▼▼▲, behind the 16 billion tariffs, there is a very important detail behind it. Many people dont know .◆◇▷▪.▪□. this important detail▷◇★■, even the US media has not reported○▪★●. Can be used as a Chinese, Directive believes that it is necessary to let everyone know this, so that we can have some more clear understanding of the trade war. It turned out that before this round of the tariff of 16 billion US dollars, the US government held hearing two days on July 24th and 25t.

Hanfu has “Chinese service” and “clothing”, as the inheritance of the Chinese ancient clothing culture, is a symbolic costume of China s etiquette. As a “never-ending Han Deco Festival” permanently held the address, Yuntai Ancient Town, which is built in Henan Province, has become the most distinctive Hanfu town of China◆□, on the one hand, providing exhibition and experience places for Hanfu lovers. On the one hand, it is more possible for the revival of traditional crown culture. Yuntai Ancient Town Rongsheng · Yuntai Ancient Town is located in the southwest of the intersection of Qinglong Avenue, Xunwu County, with a total area of ​​700 mu, total investment of 3 billion yuan, total construction area of ​​260,000 square meters★▼. The overall planning layout is the “one axis of the two municipal six mountains.” Ma.

Original title: ▽▲”Makeup” returns to the popular fire Jiuzhaigou scenic spot for three days, the ticket has been sold out. The picture of Chuanxuan Watching Chuanchuan newspaper observation on March 15 news, “Makeup” returns the fairy tale world Jiuzhaigou people still fire. From March 15th to 17th▽○, the Jiuzhaigou Scenic Spot has been sold out in the next three days. This is the information obtained from Aba State Wenba Company on March 15. On March 8◁•▼, according to the principle of “limited area■◆•, limited flow, limited time▲◆…=, limited” principle•◁◁, “closed” 7 months of Jiuzhaigou scenic area to restore the external open. The scenic spot is open every day from 8:00 to 17:00, and the daily reception is strictly controlled within 2□-,000 people○•▽▪. At 12 oclock on March 14☆☆◆•, the scenic spot had received 10,196 visitors, and about 1456 visitors were received a day. On the same day, the reporter from Aba Prefectu▪◁?

Original title: The US own industry is less competitive and restricts high-tech products exports, and imports need to import the consumption level exceeding its production capacity – China-US trade deficiency•◆, from the reporter Wang Wei, ▼•”China The topic of trade deficit is once again discussed. On March 22nd, the US President Turns signed a memorandum○☆, based on the US Trade Representative Office announced on China 301 survey report, and the directive departments took restrictions on China. There is a view that an important reason for the US move is that it is desirable to reduce the trade deficit in China▼•▲★. According to media reports, the US statistics of Chinas trade deficit exceed 100 billion US dollars. However, for the US statistics, many experts believe that -▼□▲”is not accurately overestimated”. Director of the University of South California University Multinational Legal Trade Cent.