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[properties of jello]Chinas national defense fees have always been attracted by external attention. According to the draft budget for submitting a 13th National Peoples Congress, the 2018 China defense budget is 1106.951 billion yuan, an increase of 8-…▷☆.1%, accounting for 1.26% of the annual GDP, and the third consecutive year increases. The increased national defense fee is mainly used to increase the investment in weapons and equipment construction, improve training conditions, and ensure the treatment of military reforms▷…◆, and improve the living treatment of officers and soldiers◇◆…, and provide strong support to achieve the partys strong military goals in the new era. my countrys national defense growth is based on three “era requirements…◆▷■” in the countrys comprehensive national strength▲◆▼☆, safety environment, and global strategic situation○=. Chinas national defense growth is reasonable and legitimate, moderate and steady and sustainable▽▷△. According to national defense, the Chinese government insists on ●▼△”coordination” and two.

China Xinwang Kunming On May 28th, the current Yunnan Province has entered the flood season▼△☆, and the rain is gradually increased, and the strength is gradually increased▷…▪◆. The Office of the Peoples Government of Yunnan Province urgently issued the “Notice on Doing a Good Job▽▽” (hereinafter referred to as -•▼”Notice-★☆”), urged the local and relevant departments to do the current province flood control and drought relief and disaster relief-★. According to the meteorological department, from May 29 to June 5, Yunnan will usher in a local rainstorm. The rain will have a certain degree of relief to the drought in the Northeast▼◁, Yunnan, and Western Yunnan, but the rainy area will continue to drought in winter, and there is an increase in the risk of drought and floo!

Source: China Transportation News This Internet News April 15th◆▲☆◇, Searching is officially released in Beijing, this meeting aims to create a cold-chain zero-scale industry alliance through preaching search and cold network innovation model■○△, and discuss national cold The development trend of chain flow mutual benefit and win-win. It is understood that the search-in refinement is based on “exchange” as the core, and the professional cold chain logistics Internet platform is built to create a single resource-shared Internet platform for the national medium and small cold chain enterprises to promote the standardization and systemization of the cold chain industry logistics. At the meeting▪△▼…, the founder of search and cold network Liu Yuze shared a cognition and idea for the cold chain logistics industry. “Compared with 99% of cold chain transportation in developed countries, there are only 15% of my country-○●▲. And there is no professional company specializing in cold chain bales in China.” Liu Yuze said that in the current new retail conce.

According to Xinhua News Agency, ◁=○▷”Ocean No□◇.1″ (Reporter Chen Hao) is the “Ocean No●△▲▷. 1” section of the 2018 comprehensive sea trial mission in Western Pacific, and completed the “Hailong 11000” independently developed by China on the 30th. Milometric unmanned submersible first sea trial, diving depth 410 meters. At 16:45, “Hailong 11000” slowly entered water from the maidger; after the depth of 410 meters, the Kodao team fully tested the monitoring system, power system□■▷◆, propulsion system, etc. of the submersible◆☆▪•. At 18:25, “Hailong 11000″ returned to the deck. During the sea trial, its underwater function is normal, all parameters are in the normal range. ◇□◆◆”Hailong 11000” broke through the traditional cable control unmanned submersible mode…□, and a large number of innovative technologies were adopted. Among them□•◆•, can process buoyancy materials▪▼•, multi-core bushi▪▽.

Original title: The original deputy director of the Nanning Railway Bureau, the president of the original trade union is suspected of accepting bribes and is a public prosecution○•. The Beijing News Bureau recently, the two Nanning Railway Bureau (now restructure is the China Railway Nanning Bureau Group Co-…△○.■▲□, Ltd.) senior official by Guangxi The agency filed a public prosecution with bribes. It is understood that the post before the case is related to the railway freight with the railway freight. The Beijing News report learned from the official channel of the Guangxi Procuratorate■▷◁■, Ren Shaoqing, the former deputy director of the Nanning Railway Bureau…◆, the original chairman of the Nanning Railway Bureau, the second chairman of the Nanning Railway Bureau, from the two cases of the bribe, and the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Peoples Procuratorate Nanning Railway Transport Branch Investigation Terminal○•◁. The hospital filed a public prosecution to the Nanning Railway Transport Intermediate Court of the South Ning Railway Transportation. Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Peoples Procuratorate Nanning Railway Transport Branch Removers▼-◇: The defendant Yuqing is in 2002 to 20. b gelatin gelatin bone gluePure collagen.

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