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[fish gelatin factory]Original title: Village small sports or mathematics teacher teaches the National Peoples Congress representative: Directional training and recruiting rural teachers cover news reporter Tian Xue 皎 然 李秀江 Beijing Photography reported on March 5, just started, Sichuan Yaan City The Second Middle School of Yucheng District□■◆▪, Yaan City, celebrated, as a representative of the National Peoples Congress▪▽◁, the most concerned about the structural lack of rural school teachers.庹 明明, 2018, the governments work report also proposed to develop fair and quality education◁…. Promote the development of urban and rural compulsory education◆•●, education investment continues to tilt into difficulties and weak links. “I have confidence in rural education, and the government work report◇…☆” Let everyone have equal opportunities. Through education to change their own destiny☆•, the dream of life is not an empty talk▲▽. ▲▷”For the purpo•….

Original title: Industry expert detailed explanation of the aggressive market environment of the National Market Supervision and Administration will usher in the full chain regulatory system on March 30, the seven departments jointly held a special governance of the national agricultural funds, the special governance, the TV conference, summary 2017 and Over the past five years, deployment of agricultural resources in 2018▲-■▼. In these seven departments, there is a national market supervision and management of the National Market Supervision and Administration-•□, which is established in the ▪…”Deepening Party and National Institutional Reform Plan●★”■=▷. In the view of the industry experts interviewed by the ○◇▽”Legal Daily” reporter, the General Administration of Supervision and Administration of Marketing, which means that the supervision of the market enters a new stage. It is not the inter-agency▽◁, and the ▷□”Deepening Party and National Institutional Reform Plan” pointed out that the reform market supervision system, the implementation of unified market supervision is to establish unified opennes.

Original title: Institutional advantage: Welcome the key to the trade war (Wanghai Tower) “Peoples Daily Overseas Edition” (July 16, 2018) 10 days ago, the United States provoked the Chinese trade war, China was forced to fight And the bottom is full. China is forced to fight, is an inevitable choice for safeguarding the rights of national and peoples sustainable development and maintaining the global multilateral trade mechanism. In addition to stood in morality, there is a key factor in the 40-year reform and opening up 40 years, a key factor is – China has a large-scale system advantage that has concentrated power, and organizational strength△◇•. As General Secretary Xi Jinping said, -◆”our greatest advantage is that my countrys socialist system can concentrate on doing a big event••.” It is because of this system advantage◁◇◆★, once a major decision is forme!

Original title: [2018 two sessions · Reform new journey] Scholars “work does not have to be in my” new connotation core view: Economic Daily – China Economic Network Column Author Zhang Guodong believes that standing in new historical orientation, want to write a new new The new answers of the times, learn to learn “work is not necessarily in me”, and it is indispensable to us-◇•○. On the morning of the 8th, when I was attending the Shandong delegation, Xi Jinping said, △◇★”Made in the work is not in me△◆”, not negative, bulb, no act, but to firmly establish the correct political performance, both to make the people see ○•, Touching=☆•▷, affordable practical practical◇◆, but also doing a good thing for future generations, playing the foundation, long-term good things, but also to do performance, and Not thinking than a personal name◆-, pursuing the good mouth of the people, after histo.

Original title▼•▼•: The procuratorial organs have filed a public prosecution in accordance with the law, and Liaoning procuratorial organs according to law. Liaoning procuratorates were suspected of abusing their powers, accepting bribes◇••▼, misappropriation of public funds, bribery cases, and Guo Zhixin, the former deputy mayor of Tieling★◆, Liaoning Province. Guo Zhixin (deputy hall) is suspected Exhaust the sin of power◇▽, accept bribes, misappropriation of public funds▷▽●, and bribery, by the Dandong Peoples Procuratorate, the Peoples Procuratorate of Dandong Province▪☆☆, the Dandong City Intermediate Peoples Court filed a public prosecution■◇☆★. The procuratorate informed the defendant Guo Zhixin enjoyed the rights rights of Guo Zhixin in the review and prosecution stage, and immediately asked Guo Zhixin○△•, listening to its defending opinion-▽△▼. Dandong Municipal Peoples Procuratorate India Control▷-▽◆: Guo Zhi Xin…★□, the defendant□▼◇☆, deputy mayor of Tieling△•▼, smuggling, abuse of power, the plot is particularly serious; use it as the Tieling City Finance Bure. protein hydrolysates industry gelatin made from bonesPure collagen.

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