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[industrial medical recombinant protein]Original title•=◆•: British Russia, Russian reporter questioning China how to see? The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will answer [Global Times – Global Network Report Reporter Li Sikun] Reuters said that the British Prime Minister Tresa Mei announced that the UK will expel 23 Russian foreign officials, as a former Russian agent Skrpar father Counterattack measures in the UK were poisoned by neurotoxic agents. At the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs held on March 15, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the relevant parties hoped that the parties would be able to properly resolve their differences. At the routine conference held in the afternoon, there is a reporter from Russia asked▼▷☆▽, whether China believes that the relationship between Russian relationship will affect the cooperation between the two countries on some hot issues in the UN Security Council○▷■★? In this regard-•□, the spokesman Lu Song said that it is noted that the relevant statement of the two countries on this issu.

Xinhua News Agency Qingdao June 10, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Member State Heads, Qingdao Declaration, Shanghai Cooperative Organization (hereinafter referred to as “Organization▲■□” or “Organization”) member country leaders held in Qingdao-■, China on June 10, 2018 The head of state council meetings…○•=, and the declaration is as follows: Today, the world is in the event of a large development of major development△☆…□, and the geopolitical layout is increasingly diversified, multi-polarized☆-◇○, and the country is more intimate. At the same time◁•, the instability uncertainty factors facing the world have increased◆=▪, and the worlds economic situation is clear, but it is still unstable, and the economic globalization process encounters more challenges such as trade protectionism△=, unilateralism. Some regional conflicts have intensified, horror Risks that threaten rising infectious diseases■▷●, climate change, et.

Original title: Expert Interpretation of Tiangong No▽□◇▪.1 and re-entry Question: Re-enter the area is located in the ▪▼★”Spacefinder Cemetery-■◆” is perfect Policy New Beijing News (Reporter Ni Wei) According to China Manned Space Project Office◇■•☆, Center and relevant institutional monitoring analysis, about 8:15 on April 2, Tiangong No. 1 target aircraft has resembles the atmosphere■▲, and then in the middle of the South Pacific, most of the devices are incorporated into the atmosphere☆•. The Tiangong No-●△. 1 launched on September 29, 2011◆=, which officially curtains the curtain call. Xing Qiang, member of the US Aerospace Society▼•◁, “Little Rocket” studio founding Xing Qiang, said that the Tiangong No…•▼.1 is called “perfect”, and the land is also in the Spacecraft pending the Pacific “spacecraft cemetery” area. Xing Qiang calculates expects 8 tons le.

Short video, double-edged sword in the big data era○◇▽▽, no matter what we are willing to accept-•, we have to admit that now is a short video of the short video●●▷△. The short video era is not already coming▪▲, but is in the peak period-▼●. The popularity of each generation of new media is based on technology development, and short video is also true. The popularity of the mobile side and the maturity of 4G technology, not only let the US group and Taobao and other trading platform fire, but also changed a young generation of lifestyle, but also directly spawned the short video and short video platforms due to the sharp increase in bandwidth and loading speed. In 2015◁=▲▷, the shake company was established◆▪◆, and the Internets Internet events was 4G technology to be used in the phone▲•◆. Sho?Gelatin capsule.