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Gelatin capsule.[bovine hide collagen peptides vegetarian]Original title: Beijing second round of discipline inspection inspection•●…●, transfer of 18 pieces=▲, 18 third round◇◆■, 12 disciplines□-, Beijing News (Reporter Sha Xueliang) Beijing Municipal Discipline Inspection today announced that Beijing Second round of discipline inspection supervision At the end, 18 were discovered and transferred to 18 pieces-△. According to the Beijing Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission ended the inspection of the district of Dongcheng, Xicheng□■-, Tongzhou, Huairou 4th District•▽●, and feedback to 4 units. The second round of patrol found 168 issues of the four cities of the four districts of Discipline Inspection and Commission in political stations, performances and self-construction•=, and found and handed over 18 issues that reflect the discipline inspection and supervision organizations and discipline inspection cadres. During the inspection process, the four patrol groups put forward the training of discipline inspection and supervision, plus the relevant departments of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspectio=○▽.

China News Agency▽○☆◆, May 28 (Reporter Yu Li) held on the 28th Beijing Science and Technology Week on the 28th, Beijing Co-Xingzhong Division Technology Co., Ltd=▷. (referred to as Co-Xing Zhongwei) announced that the banned national vaccine developed China The center was formally established. Culture Zhongwei has provided 540 million new crown vaccines to nearly 40 countries and regions around the world…▲•-. Keciping Zhongwei undertakes the construction of Chinas central government■▷★◆. At present★▪, Culture Zhongwei has carried out fruitful cooperation around the new coronavirus vaccine with the Brazilian Partner Braise☆◇★, and will actively promote vaccine cooperation with other brick countries. At the same time●▷▼•, adhering to the concept of •△▪”BRIC +”, the new crown vaccine developed by Cozhong Zhongw.

Original title▪=○: Meng girl, after 95-○▪, she came on the Wenchuan Earthquake Zone, and the representative of the Peoples Congress representative, the 13th National Peoples Congress. On March 7□◆▷•, 2018, at the 13th National Peoples Congress◇□, the Sichuan delegation group meeting, because of his words, her speech came to an abrupt★◇…□. The representatives of the scene found that this 23-year-old girl, smiled, tears. “Our country and people have experienced all kinds of difficulties and risks” she is more understandable than many of the same age, this sentence◁▼■■, jack. Some people in the scene said: “This is the child coming out of the disaster area.” Qingchuan, this 5 · 12 Wenchuan earthquake is a very heavy small county, is her hometown. Ten years later■••, s.

The first batch of environmental inspections “look back○○” and found that all the 10 provinces of □◁□…”looking back◇▪•” were all settled, found that the issue of derivism○…, false rectification△◆–, involving the entire province June 9●•, Guangxi Qinzhou, the Inspector team found a family The regenerated aluminum smelter produces aluminum ingots through 4 reflective furnaces, without any pollution control facilities. The Environmental Protection Inspector Group is for this summer△○, central environmental protection inspector••, and storm. From May 30th to June 7th, the first batch of 10 provinces of the first batch of “looking back=•-☆” in the first batch of “looking back▲-” in less than a month◆…▼☆. In December 2015, the central environmental inspector pilot in Hebei. As of the end of last year, the first round of central environmental protection inspections achieve full coverage of 31 provinces across the country. The Ministry of Ecology said□▷=, such …=▷◇.