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[recombinant protein industry]Original title: 2018 National Two Sessions, Shandong Provincial High Court, Zhang Antian◁△□△, talked about the ▼☆=”live broadcast”: the trial became a national sharing■○, vivid public legal class New Beijing News News (Reporter Chen Peng Shu Liang) March 9 On the afternoon, the 13th National Peoples Congress held a plenary meeting, in the pre-meeting ◆▲•△”representative channel” interview, the National Peoples Congress, the Dean of the Senior Peoples Court of Shandong Province, Zhang Antian, talked about the practice of “judicial public”. In his view, the live broadcast of the online broadcast of the trial of the Just Idea of ​​the Just Impathetic Jiji, which turned the trial into a public sharing and vivid public legal class. “During the trial of the Just Improvial Injury Case•○▷, we use the picture plus video to broadcast the evidence, etc., and release 165 microblogs, with more than 70 million hits▷◇▲▼. Not on.

Original title: Internet access (First-line survey · New observation of the Internet) ▷△■★”Peoples Daily” (April 24▼▷=▪, 2018) The core reading a number of online e-commerce platforms have recently been exposed to existing big data “Killing ▲■•”Behavior●•-, that is□▪■, old customers buy some kind of product or service than new customers spend more○•☆. Do you really exist? “Killing□▷▽” violates the rights of consumers? How can I balance between industrial development and consumer rights protection? In this regard, the reporter launched an investigation. Platform back letter – ■ Nothing in line with moral requirements, also violates law stipulates Mr. Shanghai Xuhui District Residents Tang, in order to send her daughter to go to school, I have purchased a lot of vouchers on a web service platform◆▪. I originally a discount, but I cant do i.

Original title-★○: Innovation and Improvement of New Era Chinese Characteristic Macro – control Liu Yuanchun Innovation and Improvement Macro Control, is an inevitable requirement for improving the socialist market economy system, building a modern economic system▼▪…, achieving socialist modernization. Comrade Xi Jinping was put forward innovation and improving the guiding ideology, basic ideas★▪○, major initiatives in the Central Economic Work Conference in the 2017 Central Economic Work Conference in the 2017 Central Economic Work Conference. On the basis of great practices, the new era of Chinese characteristic macro control theory is initially formed. The Chinese Characteristic Macro Control Theory is the organic component of Chinas characteristic socialist economic idea in Xi Jinping. It is the fundamental follows of the new era to do a good job in macro-regulating work★▪▼•. The new era has proposed new requirements for the macro control of Chinese characteristic.

Source•◆◆: Voice of China [Spring Festival, do you take “Revival”○◁○? National Committee: Automatic Driving Function in the future] Member of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, Zhao Hongwei, chief engineer of China Railway Science Research Institute And will develop in the direction of intelligence and green, for example=•, develop “Jing Zhang Smart High-speed Rail EMU◆◇=”=▷, automatic driving function•▼=, the driver only needs to press a button to complete the start▲…, accelerate□=, reduce, and park. (Yangguang reporter△◁: Wang Xuejie) Click to enter the special responsibility Editor●▼◁□: Liu Guang.

Xinhua News Agency, May 27th (Reporter Hong Zehua) Taiwans new crown pneumonia epidemic excessive fever Xinbei Medical Resources is urgent ■□..▼▪-▽. The epidemic prevention situation that turns straight down will make Taiwans people worry, and the Democratic Government is more dissatisfied with all walks of life, and the islands public opinion is expected to make the situation in the snow. From the 22nd, the ▲▼●•”calculation becoming calculation” starts, “Calibration Regression” appears in the publication of the data, and the total report is 1684 cases, “corrected regression•○” is the highest value of 400•△. Chen Shizhong★▲•, the head of the Taiwan anti-disease departme=□•▪.About Us.