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[protein quantification use in industry]Original title: China Southern Hunting Third-party platform value machine service, said unauthorized license has a risk source: Chinas voice According to Chinas voice news, recently (April 22)▪△, a civil aviation travel service software ” Available, the publication of the announcement…◁, the navigation mobile phone value function has been launched. At the same time, in the ●■△”online selection☆◁◆” service of travel travel software such as Ctrip and Flying Pig••▼, there is no “China Southern Airline” option. Prior to this□•, China Southern Airlines issued a notice that some websites that have been issued have not obtained the Southern Airlines license, and mobile applications are stopped to apply for Southern Airlines passengers▽▼…△, and the value machine business=▽, and said that passengers are handled in a non-authorized network platform. China Southern Airlines=●▪▷, value machine business□•, security and service risk. Why can third-party platforms provide a value-for-aircraft service? Unpredictab!

Xinhua News Agency, Shanghai May 27 (Reporter Hu Jiefei) Precision Identification Demand, Intelligent Recommended Optimal Path; Different Sitting Houses Extracts Provident Fund Zero Materials, Online Office; Direct Settlement of Medical Tickets in the Direct Medical Tickets .◆•○.. 27th Integrated development high-level forum▷□■▲, the Yangtze River Triangle “One Netcom” government service map officially launched, and in-regional residents ushered in more “same city service”▷▷●. According to reports○△☆, the Changda Triangle “One Netcom” government service map gathers all kinds of government service places■=▷, service matters▼▷★, data resources, and coverage of more than 69▽△◆★,000 lines in Shanghai●☆■, Su Zhe, Zhejiang Province. Four parts users pass their own government service APP (with the bid••○, Jiangsu government service●-□□, Zhejia▪◁•.

China Exchange Network May 27th According to the “European Times” compiled report, the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) reported that Spain is one of the worlds most tourist countries, and the second largest tourist reception country. However, recent research institutions pointed out that although there are many Spanish tourists▪▽☆, the purchasing power is behind other countries. To this end, the Spanish Tourism Bureau said they will force an Asian tourists△▼◁●, especially Chinese tourists▼△☆. Spains □▲”Abbe” website reported that a report of Boston Consulting Group pointed out that at the purchase of tourists◆●▷◆, Spain is located in the worlds ninth, than France□-, the UK, Italy “high-end tourists◁-•□.

The National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference was held on March 2☆■•, 16:30 on March 2, at the first floor of the Peoples Hall, the General Assembly spokesman Wang Guoqing said at the press conference☆▼. At present, the Hong Kong★▷-☆, Macau Danalwan District Development Program has been approved. Click to enter the special responsibility Editor: Zhang Jian-◇. are bovine collagen peptides vegan hydrolyzed bovine collagen peptidesPectin manufacturer.

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