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[whitening collagen]Original title: Old Type of Fujian Military Region Xiamen First Relegaining Cadre, Deputy Order, the original 31 army, deputy military commander Yao Sizhong, due to the treatment of medical treatment•○▪-, 25•◇●:00 am to Xiamen at 2:5 on February 25, 2018▷▽■, Enjoy 95 years old△★▲■. Source=▪•: Xiamen Daily Responsible Editor••: Guiqia.

Zhongxin Net Hefei May 27th (Reporter Wu Lan) reporter learned from China University of Science and Technology, IEEE CAS, IEEE CAS, awarded 2021 Mac Van Valkenburg Awards To commend him “contribution to multimedia non-uniform coding and communication”. This is the first award from the history of the award to mainland China, and the award is also awarded to Chinese scholars after 14 years. Professor Wu Feng is an academic leader in my countrys network streaming media. He has been engaged in the basic theory, key technologies, and standards of network streaming media from the end of the 1990★★▷◇.

On March 22◁★▪-, the first digital China Construction Summit Press Conference was held in Beijing, and the summit will be held in Fujian Fuzhou from April 22nd to 24. The subject of this summit is “informatization driving modernization◁=•, accelerating the construction of digital China”▪★▽▼, from the National Netition Office, the National Development and Reform Commission▷◁▽, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the Fujian Provincial Government. According to reports, the summit agenda mainly includes opening ceremony, main forum, sub-forum□▽▪□, results exhibition, report release, best practice and closing ceremony. Among them, the main forum will fully explain the rich connotation of digital China▷□. The sub-forum covers extensive themes such as e-government, digital economy, intelligence society▽○▷. Achievements will focus on the latest outcomes of e-government and digital economic development since the 18th National Congress. During the summit, the △=□”Digital China Construction Development Report◆-•” will be released (201.

Original title◁▼: Authoritative Expert Interpretation of Zhang Zhongsheng case, Judgment○▼▼, Professor•☆★, Gao Mingzi, on May 28, Zhang Zhongsheng case, the “Legal Daily” reporter interviewed special professor of Criminal Legal Science Research Institute, Beijing Normal University■▽, doctoral tutor, China The Honorary President of the Criminal Law Research Association is interpreted and interpreted from the judgment of the jurisprudent and interpretation of the criminal legal policy towards the criminal legal policy and legal applicability. “Legal Daily○-★◇” reporter: Please introduce the legal basis for this case sentenced to immediately executed immediately. In the context of cautiously apply the death penalty, how to see the defendant is sentenced to the death penalty immediately○□●? What kind of anti-corruption new weather is there? Gao Mingtu: According to the provisions of Article 48 of the Criminal Law of my country, the application of the death penalty is the criminal “crime is extremely seriou.

On May 27th○▷◆=, OPPO officially issued a new Reno6 series mobile phone in Qinhuangdao, Hebei Province. The OPPO Reno6 series provides OPPO Reno6 Pro +★▽, OPPO Reno6 Pro, OPPO Reno6 optional, mainly new ▲-▽”Summer Qinghai…▼” design, upgrade rejuvenating video function◇•□-, and bringing a more popular game experience. The OPPO Reno6 series is first equipped with AI rejuvenation and rejuvenation. The global nude makeup master Bobbi Brown creates five custom makeup. Through “Real Man Model Makeup – Pixel Cosmetic Extract – No Compressed Material Production?