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[Multicolor hard empty capsules]Original title–◇▼: new progress! Beijings first point of points settled in the initial nuclear results, now you can query! Written Wang Tianqi Edited Zhang Li Beijings first points settlement data verification phase has ended. Changan Street-•■, Id●•: CapitalNews, learned from the Municipal Human Social Security Bureau, from today□◆▼-, employer and applicant can log in points to the online declaration system to view the initial nuclear results of the declaration data. It is understood that the citys integral settlements are divided into four stages of declaration, verification, review▼◇▼=, publicity and settlement◆▪. From July 31 to September 4th, it is a review phase☆★▼★: during this period, with a spouses own residence○☆, in the tax points of investment enterprises in Beijing, the relationship between husband and wife is required to invest in the tax. Self-affordable information and innovation of legitimate stable residence indicato.

Original title: The National Peoples Congress representative Wang embroidery: calling on the peony to become □★”national flower”, and determine the national flower is the symbol of national independence, social stability…◇◇, and national prosperity▷••★, and the concentration of national culture, the spirit of the people, the peoples will. my country has not yet determined that national flowers, the graceful peony can be “national flower” and determine it in the form of law◆▪. The National Peoples Congress representative, Luoyang Museum Honorary Hall■=, the long king embroidered★••, there is such a call. The National Peoples Congress representative Wang embroidered image network diagram why is it suitable for national flowers? Wang Suan said that the peony is the world famous flower, graceful, rich and rich, with the history of the Chinese nation▽•. Moreover, Peony has higher industrialization in my countrys domestic flowers◇…○△. The national cultivation area has reached more than 200-•,000 mu, and the peony industry has adjusted agricultural structure and increases farmers incom!

Hong Kong Asia Times online recent topic title ☆●”What is the right of the West to reshape China in accordance with your own image? △○”The article said that the West should stop blaming the Chinese and double struggle to restore their own vitality. Success may be the best excuse. The article pointed out that the British News Magazine ◆▼▷”Economist” in March covers that the West welcomes Chinas basis-based system based on the establishment of the Second World, and I hope that China will evolve into a market economy, and as China has gradually prosperous Get up, “The Chinese People s Will Desire Democracy▲□, Rights and Rule of Law. The article believes that this is a plurality of words, showing that there is a ■◆”curb” of Chinas conspiracy▽▲◁◇. The article said that US President Donald Trump is seriously deviated from the direction in Poland in Poland in July last year, suggesting that these values ​​are basical.

Original title: “Guiyang Girl Shared House is chopped” investigation □ Our reporter Wang Jiariang □ This newspaper reporter Wang He Lin recently•★, a 19-year-old Guizhou girls Weibo suddenly in the network “fire”, she sent a newspaper-•…, Because the girl who smashed the hosted live•◁◆, she was cut by the girl, and the girl was chopped, the left face was cut two knives, sewing more than 200 needles, chin nerve was cut off. More detailed in more detail, I have encountered my alarm after the incident△•, and then equipped with the young photos of youth in the week, soon, I will let the Weibo get nearly two million readings and tens of thousands of revolutions◁◇•□. So, where is the focus of this microblog post? Whether the truth is completely like described in Weibo? Recently, the reporter conducted a field investigation▼•. Posted for h◁▪▲•.

Original title◇▽★: The position of the “system” should have changed the Beijing Daily on May 4th news. “There is a tea reading newspaper in the system★…-. Dont tell me to the abandonment raw whey protein industrial▪■○!◆▪▪▪” For the day, one for civil servants ” The article “” The article is hot on the network. The author in the system has a bias and misunderstanding of the “Besieged City Life★••” in the system. “You cant go back early, watch a mobile phone ghost●◇▼○, holiday must be reported what are bovine hide collagen peptides!▪▷” ☆•▷”” The important node is not white, all day to wait, on the call hydrolyzed pig collagen is bovine hide collagen peptides vegan! “●…, Etc.◇▲■, let many people have refreshed cognition. Cognitive refresh, from todays situation and traditional impression•▲. Speaking of civil servants, the first reaction of many people is the ▲=”iron rice bowl●■◁▲” of drought and floods. It is a “old cadre”▪▽, a cup of tea◁▪-◆, a smoke●…▽•, one in the brai.Gelatin wholesale.