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[ae proteina industries inc]China News Agency●★▷…, Hong Kong, May 27 (Reporter Shi Bing) Hong Kong SAR Government Rating and Evaluation Department released private residential price and rent index in April on the 27th. According to data, the private house price index has been continuously raised for 4 months this year, and the figures in April are 390★△-.8□-, and it is 21 months old. Chen Hai Chao▲◆★○, director of Lijia Ge Real Estate Research, said that data mainly reflects the market conditions in late March and early April, and the epidemic will slowly delay, and the situation is repeated locally●△△. At the resiliency measures in April, it is further relaxed, and the stimulating buyers continue to enter the market and support the property price□◇. Chen Hai Chao said that within 4 months this year, the private residential price index has increased by 2.87%, and it is 21 months old•☆. Although▽▷=!

Source: Voice of China [Spring Festival, do you take ▪★○”Revival”? National Committee: Automatic Driving Function in the future] Member of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference▼▷, Zhao Hongwei, chief engineer of China Railway Science Research Institute And will develop in the direction of intelligence and green…▪, for example▼•◆, develop “Jing Zhang Smart High-speed Rail EMU”■▷▽•, automatic driving function, the driver only needs to press a button to complete the start, accelerate▷◇◇, reduce, and park▲◇. (Yangguang reporter: Wang Xuejie) Click to enter the special responsibility Editor: Liu Guang.

Original title▷=▪: Chinas resident WTO delegation Zhang Xiangchen: Condemn US Protectionist Avanus Swiss Time On March 26▲…☆, Chinas resident WTO delegation Zhang Xian Chen at the WTO Cargo Trade Council speaking on the US 301 survey: condemning US protectionism act bovine collagen peptide turkey industrial scale protein purification and preparation protein supplement industry india protein shakes industry, bovine collagen manufacturers! The United States announced on March 22 to conclusions and measures to China, and China is resolutely opposed●◁•. The unilateral acting of the United States not only damages the interests of China and other members, but also causes serious damage to the multilateral trading system. The US practices violate the most basic spirit and principles of WTO (WTO), and the unilateral approach prohibited by “Disposal Solving Understanding▲•▷=” (DSU)◁•▽. According to the WTO ruling and the United States commitment, the United States cannot pass the 301 investigation unilateral identification of other member practic.