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[gelatin structure]Zhongxin Network Zhaohot May 28 (Reporter Uma) In the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region●•, if the masses open a small restaurant below 50 square meters▲▽, the past needs to run 7 departments, pay more than 30 materials, now just go to one window-▪, Submitting a material, you can do it once; The above two cases are the embodiment of the transformation service of the Inner Mongolia government service industry, and integrate the “single matter” of the previous multi-sector to integrate the perspective of enterprises. At present, the government service hall at all levels of Inner Mongolia is ope!

China News Agency, May 28 (reporter Zhao Jianhua Liu Yingying) The VAT invoice data released on the 28th of the National Tax Administration shows that in April this year, Chinas sales revenue continues to stabilize and grow, industrial economy continues to recover, consumption, invest Steady, the economic recovery growth is continuously reinforced□▪. Among them, the national enterprise sales revenue increased by 12•☆○.9%. At the press conference held in Beijing, Zhao Lie, deputy director of the Income Planning Account of the State Administration of Taxation, showed that VAT invoice data showed that in April▽■, the sales revenue of national enterprises increased by 24=■.6% year-on-year, which increased by 27.5% from 2019. Average growth in two yea marine collagen peptide powder!

Original title▪●: [Island reading] Where is the risks and growth points of Chinas economic future★-○=? This speech said that [客 岛 岛 按] ▽◆”Chinas open door will not be closed, the more you will be◁▪●◇, the bigger high gelatin foods!” A few days ago, I learned a speech, and there was a voice. Undoubtedly, the initiative to promote the newly open new pattern is derived from the deep understanding and judgment of the current situation of Chinas economic situation, which contain both existing risks and future opportunities. So, what happens in the Chinese economy, what growth points? Today, the Heros Island wants to recommend a famous economist, and Professor Wei Jie, director of the China Economic Research Center of Tsinghua University. The article was first in the blogger classmaker (BOSUM0115), the original title is “Professor Wei Jie: 19th National, China New Econom★▪-!

Original title: China womens consumption is changed? Japanese and Korean brand defeated France in Chinas cosmetics market [Global Network Reporting Reporter Ma Li] In Chinas cosmetics market, Japan and South Korea brand is firm. Japanese brands such as high silk, Shiseido have improved their popularity and reputation with the purchase of Chinese tourists▷•●. The products of Korea Amore Pacific Group are welcome. “Japan Economic News” reported on August 9, in Chinas cosmetics market▽▼, France LOreal occupies the dominant position, but from Chinas 2018 cosmetics imports, South Korea is expected to range first and 2nd★▽☆. This is because the preferences of Chinese consumers have changed, compared to the use of European and American brands, consumers pay more attention to whether cosmetics are suitable for their skin. In 2017, there were about 7.35 milli▼○■□.

China China uses power to infiltrate▲▷=★? Wang Guoqing responded] It is not the first time for the new word□-=, black us in China. We are very sorry to see that some people in the West have entered the 21st century. The brain still stayed in the cold warhood○◆◇, do the same thing, the West is a soft strength or skillful strength, to our China, dont have the sharp strength△■? This speculation is full of prejudice, discrimination and hostility against China. Click to enter the special responsibility Editor▷▽▼: Zhang Jian●▼.Gelatin capsule fish collagen gelatin classification,