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[bovine collagen peptides vegetarian]# National two sessions # [CPPCC “Ling Feng: Patients to the hospital to seek medical treatment is not” buying medical attention “] Chief expert in neurosurgery: Doctors and patient relationship is not a pure supply and demand relationship, and save the dying is a doctors duty◆◇●. But we also have to realize that the human body is a particularly complex system, like a small universe○◇-△, medicine does not solve all problems. I hope that the whole society can rationally treat the medical process and jointly maintain the relationship between doctors and patients. Click to enter the special responsibility Editor: Zhang .

At the China Space Conference held on April 24, the report of the Chinese new type recycling rocket was announced in the report of the Chinese Aeritachus=★▼◇. This launch rocket developed on the basis of “Long March 8▷■▪-“, which uses a childs overall vertical anti-push recovery. This kind of recovery method is similar to the US “Falcon” series launch rocket•=, which can realize reuse of rocket components, effectively reduce costs. After the ▽◁”Long March 8″ rocket used the recycling technology, its launch quotes will further reduce, which is conducive to the competition for international commercial satellite launch market share. It is expected that the earlier in 2020, the ◁★•▲”Long March 8☆◆” rocket of the recycling technology can be fly. After its service, the recyclable rocket technology will no longer be monopolized by the United States. Responsible Editor▼○: Chen Wei SN2!

Original title••: (two conferences) 歼 20 chief designer Yang Wei representative: Construction of information communication platform Cross the fusion of military and civilian integration supply and demand “Gang•=◇” Xinhua News Agency Beijing March 6 (Reporter Wu Wenzhen) This years government work report proposed◁▪•, “in-depth Implementing military and civilian integration development strategy▼○□, deepening national defense technology industrial reform□◁•▲. ○■–“The National Peoples Congress representative, Yu 20 chief designer Yang Wei said on the 6th that local governments should actively build the government-led information communication platform, create more opportunities for communication▼□○. Inspire both sides, gradually expand the field of military and civilian integration, and cross the military and civilian integration “gap”. Yang Wei suggested that it is necessary to further open private enterprises to participate in channels and construction information sharing mechanisms. Under the premise of ensuring confidentiality, improve the national military and civilian integration public service platform, and joint conference system and other platform.

Zhongxin Net Jilin May 28 (Reporter Shi Hongyu) Reporter learned from the Jilin Province, Luohe City, this year▲▷▷, the local stone production and processing industry has ushered in recovery-△◇…, and the product has been exported to 13 countries and regions. The Luohe City is located in the eastern Jilin Province○•-●. Although it is just a “county-level city”, the local Tiangang Stone Industrial Park is one of Chinas four granite origins, Northeast Asias largest stone production and processing base▽◁. The person in charge of Taojang Stone Industrial Park in Luohe City introduced the reporter that stone products were an indispensable materials in the construction area, and the market demand was strong. The light-colored granite produced by the Luohe has been well received by Chinese and foreign customers. It is reported that the Xiongan high-speed railway station, Beijing Daxing Airport is us? bovine hide gelatin hydrolysate agglomerated pectin enzyme powderPure collagen collagen powder export gelatin bloom!