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[organic gelatine]Original title: Hair born! This Chinese giant, the -★”iron mouth steel teeth”, ending the nightmare of the whole industry gelatin coated tablet beef gelatin vs collagen peptides! How is the pressure of 18 tons per square centimeter steel plate to challenge the super boom pump truck in the worlds extreme working conditions forged? The cutter can chew 2,800 cubic meters of rocks every day, how is this kind of driving machine? Cutting a knife for 72 hours a rod, how is the surface overall flatness error of no more than 0.05 mm pressure vessel? Here is the worlds largest engineering machinery manufacturing plant workshop, but why do they still change? 10,000 5 micron spray holes, 2000 layers of stack the worlds largest 3D sand core printer completed one of the exquisite works-…? Hunan Changshas general installati?

Original title: (Military) Sun Chunlans listing ceremony and set up a meeting of the decommissioning military affairs, emphasized the reform and innovation and fulfilled the duties to create a new military work. New Situation Xinhua News Agency, Beijing◆▽, April 16 (Reporter Mei Shixiong) Communist Party Committee Deputy Prime Minister Sun Chunlan attended the Department of Detarant Military Affairs□△☆•, the deputy premier of the State Council and the establishment of the General Assembly and speaking▼▲◇. She emphasized that in order to guide the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinping, improve the political station=○•, enhance the “four awareness•-◁”, and resolutely implement the Party Central Committee, the State Council decision-making deployment, accelerate the reform and functional integration of institutions, and establish and improve the centralized unity○•△, responsibilities Clear retired military management guarantee system, and create a new situation in the new era of retired military work. Sun Chunlan pointed out that the Department of Retired Military Affairs is the core based on Comrade Xi Jinpin-□●.

Original title▷…•■: Fujian has greatly raised the mass reporting of food and drug illegal acts: the highest 500,000 days, the newly revised “Fujian Food and Drug illegal Report Awards” (hereinafter referred to as “Measures□■-•”) released. After the revision of the ▽□▷”Measures△☆◁-“, the award standards have greatly improved, and the masses report food and drug illegal acts, up to 500,000 yuan. The public is reported to have a food (including food additive), drug●★, medical equipment, cosmetics illegal crimes within its regulatory duties○◇•, and the various levels of food and drug supervision and management departments shall be rewarded accordingly. It is understood that the newly revised ◇◇”Measures” clarifies the circumstances of reporting reward conditions and not belonging to the scope of rewards○◆▲, more operability. Report rewards according to the report of evidence and illegal fac peptone culture antibactérien china halal food grade gelatin!

Original title: “Quietly in the rain” There is a story that commemorates the comrades of Zhou Enlai. “There are two kinds of people in the society: some people always feel that others owe him, fight, jealous, complain●■, anti-social, forever Not satisfied; some people are always anxious, thinking about making something for others, quietly sprinkling rain. “Zhou Enlai is undoubtedly a typical of the second kind▲★•■. In 1931, after the ◁▲▷”Zhongtong” No. 2 figure Zhang Chong search Zhou Enlai•☆▼◆, I was published in Shanghais many newspapers, and I was united to unite in the party in the Communist Party in Shanghai. For this enemy who has rewarded the 80△◆,000 ocean▷☆◆, Zhou Enlai has focused on the national cooperation overall situation-◇▲, in Xian incident negotiations☆▪, and spend help during the Soviet Union. Zhang Chong was convinced by Zhou Enlais personality charm, resolute■•!

The original title Zhou Qiang: Attacking hard, “Basic Solition Implementation Difficult” achieved significant progress on March 9th●◇□, 13th National Peoples Congress held a second plenary meeting in the Great Hall of the People…△-, listening to the Supreme Peoples Court Report on the Supreme Peoples Court★-, listened to the report of the Supreme Peoples Procuratorate…○, Cao Jianmings report on the Supreme Peoples Procuratorate-■. The following is a live record◆=: Zhou Qiang●▽=□: Five, attacking hard○△□, •…★”Basic Solution Implementation Difficult•★” has achieved significant progress to increase the implementation of work, focusing on the implementation of difficult, accepting the implementation case 222.2246 million▲=▷, 20◆••…,000 pieces▽★▲, implementation The amount is 7 trillion yuan, up 82.4%, 74.4% and 164.1%○▷▽●, respectively. Promote the formation of integrated manageme?Pure collagen.