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[is gelatin capsules halal]Original title: 2018 National Two Sessions 丨 Haier President Zhou Yunjie: China Program has moved to the World Stage Central New Beijing News (Reporter Wang Wei) On the afternoon of March 6=-•=, the Shandong delegation opened on the 13th National Peoples Congress◆■. Overseas reporters to the National Peoples Congress, Zhou Yunjie○★…☆, President Haier Group, Ask◁-▲: In the current environment of globalization▲●, Haier is worried about trade protectionism and ex prosview with foreign trade friction? ★○”I want to say that you are not worried, do you believe? I have to say worry■◆, useful?” Zhou Yunjie said that companies have entered China since the reform and opening up, and companies in various countries and regions have entered China▷▽=. They are all beneficiaries of Chinas reform and opening up. However, Chinas home appliance companies did not feel afraid because of foreign companie?

Original title◇=□: Agricultural rural ministry held a video conference to fully deploy the National African Pig Pleistic Ministry of Agricultural African Swine Fee Work, August 7th, on August 7, Agricultural Rural Ministry held an emergency video conference for African swine fever prevention and treatment. The Deputy Minister of Agricultural Rural Areas emphasized that all localities must conscientiously implement the important instructions of the central leaders, unify ideological understanding○▽•, implement comprehensive prevention and control measures, strengthen the joint defense mechanism▷▼▲, and resolutely extinguish and use the African swine fever, which is stable for the live pig industry Health development provides powerful guarantees. A few days ago△•, there was a live pig African swine fever in Shenyang New District, Liaoning Province, which is the first African swine fever epidemic in my country. The meeting pointed out that our country has long been prepared for long-term and solid preparations before the incoming swine fever in Africa…▪. After the epidemic confirmed○■, the Party Central Committee, State Counc.

Original title: Beijing will cancel Xiao Ji Chi Special Students Admissions Beijing News (Reporter Shawei) Reporter Today (March 28) learned from the Ministry of Education that many fields are fully promoted to the special governance of school training institutions. According to Feng Hongru○◁○, a deputy inspector of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission●▲△, Beijing will issue the …=☆”Implementation Plan for Special Governance Action▼○” and the Control of Industry. Feng Hongrong also revealed that in 2019▼•, Beijing will cancel the small birthday students enrollment■▷☆△. At the end of June•▷•◇, the four departments of the school training institutions were completed in February 2018, and the Ministry of Educations Office and other four departments were issued “Notice on Enestology to Enestall the Extracurricular Burden of Primary and Secondary Schools”▷▪…•, requiring the examination of the proof of proofing training institutions to investigate the bottom, comprehensive Turnover, supervise the inspection◇●▼. Beijing Municipal Education Commission□○▽, Victorian Edit.

Original title: Liaoning ship Nanhai patrol alarms○△▪, frontal military officers, ○-◇”Not enough” [Global Times reporter Guo Yuan Dan Global Times, special reporter Xiao Shi Qingmu Chen Yi Liu Yupeng] “Liaoning ship costs more than 40 ships Nanhai actual combat drill, satellite exposure of the destination of aesthetics. “Not long ago, I still worried that the Liaoning ship aircraft carriers islands islands island•…△, I sent a buzzing on the 28th. Among the day, the international media reported that this time, the South China Sea exercise from Liaoning Ship, or the scope of the military, it is an unusual-◁=□, large-scale display of military power◆▼◁▼. Many analytics believe that recent mainland China announced that the large-scale sea-speed combat drill and joint battle cruise in the South China Sea is a warning for the United States to fight ◁=-▽”Taiwan□☆”. One clo!

Original title: Talent inflow rate is far super first-line city “new first-tier city=□○” talent siphon effect appears in Xian, Nanjing, Chengdu, etc.◆▪, new first-tier cities▷▷, recently◇▲, to win the war●-, “send money” •…○”send house☆◇△” ” The household is low-★▲, and the policy is unprecedented□△-◆. Aspects of “Money” “Room”…☆▷, Changsha announced that this Shuolbo graduates gave rental△☆, life and purchase subsidies for renting◇•=-, life and purchase of houses. Nanjing announced that high-level talents will have an housing such as 110 square meters of housing, 1.7 million to 3 million purchase subsidies▷★◁★. In terms of settlement, Jians college students can settle online by the students…◁▷, the ID card can settle online, and Shandongs ◆◁=●”zero threshold” makes talents more strong•□▽●: talents are no longer subject to employment, social security a☆□★•. is capsule shell gelatin halal pork gelatin Gelatin capsule.

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